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hey, let me clarify what i meant to say...

-- ok, check this out... this is my 2nd day trying this trick and it works so well, even in flourescent lighting.. i tested it out....

--- what i do is before i sleep at night, i put on a very thin layer.. like just the thinnest layer on my cheeks (which has the scars)..i mean, you see the green when you apply it.... then in the morning when i wake up, most of the mask is absorbed in my scars....there is some green left on my face and i dab the rest of the green off my face with like one of those toners, or just even warm water...this takes a while... it took me like a half an hour to do this to make sure all the green was not noticable... anyway, it really improves the texture of scars....the only problem is that what if it rains.. if it rains, your face is screwed cause you'l have all this green crap coming down your face, so beware... and i really havnt tested this new trick on the direct sun.. i dont know if hte sun will show my face to be like green.. but under florescent light you cant tell.. i went to work and nobody said anything or did a double take....i guess this is like makeup for guys who have acne scarring... maybe i'll look for a mask that is my skin color instead of green so i dont have to worry about that excess green.. anyway, try it tonight if oyu havnt already.. it might just work...and i dont feel disguisted at all by not washing my face in the morning, because i just wash my face at night instead of in the morning this time.....maybe i'm getting really desperate by posting this link.. maybe im seeing something that isnt there, but i think this trick kinda sorta works for a quick fix.

- jamie

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