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Sep 17, 2002

This is the first time I've posted a message on a website before but I've been suffering with mild acne since I was 16yrs old. I never had spots all through high school but as soon as I turned 16yrs I started getting moderate acne. I'm now 20yrs old and I've tried every over the counter products ranging from Oxy; Clearasil; Neutrogena; Tea Tree etc. None of these helped. I don't believe in using topical products that doctors prescribe as I think this makes your skin condition worst. Because the chemicals in these are really strong in my opinion it aggravates the skin even more. Every day I would wake up to a new batch of spots and couldn't understand why- partly due to the fact that I have really oily skin on my face. To skip all of the crap and get to the point I've found a product that works, it's called 'Ketsugo'. You can either get it in a gel/spray formula if you go onto there website you can read up on it. In 6-8 weeks it re-balances the skins sebaceous glands and returns it to it's normal balance. I've been using it for 1 1/2 weeks and already I can see a great difference. My skin is no way near as oily as it was and my skin is 10 times better than it was. I also stopped cleansing my skin in the morning. Think about it- when you wake up everyday do you excessively wash every other part of your body? No. Look at the rest of your skin- I can't speak for everyone because there are people out there with severe acne but you don't have spots on your arms/legs/feet/back (for some people) so why do we have them on our face? I've heard all the crap about hair follicles getting blocked etc. Since I've stopped cleansing facial skin and used Ketsugo in just over one week my skin is nearly spot free. If you’re still obsessing about washing your skin use warm water. I used to think if I washed my face with moderately hot water it would make the swelling go down and remove any excess oil but the fact of the matter is it opens the rest of the pores on your skin leaving them prone to infection. Also I now take a multi-vitamin and clear complexion tablets made by (Jessup) I don't know if they work but I take them anyway as there herbal and don't have any crap in them! I had another break through last week- I started eating chocolate. I wouldn't even think about eating it normally but I've had it all week and I haven't had one spot appear. I think it's because the product I'm using 'Ketsugo' has cleared and normalized the oil production and stopped future spots from appearing.

Sorry if I've wrote such a long e-mail but if I can help one person out there then I will. I know how badly acne can affect people. I think acne sufferers are among the healthiest people in the world- not by choice but because we have to be.


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