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AM - Wash my face off with cold water.

Apply hydrogen peroxide when needed as a spot treatment. Not really needed as I heard that it can also be damaging to the skin. I only use it to kill bacteria in certain spots where whiteheads tend to appear the most.

To moisturize, I use Jasonís Natural Cosmetics 98% Aloe Vera Gel. This soothes my skin. By the way, Aloe Vera also helps fade brown marks and redness left behind past acne. You may not notice much of a difference, but a little goes a far way. Better to do something about it than not at all.

Finally, of course, apply sunscreen. I use Ocean Potion brand Sun Block SPF 30. You can find this at any drugstore. It wonít clog pores and the ingredients are Avobenzone, Octyl Methoxycinnamate, Octyl Salicylate, and Oxybenzone. The key ingredient is Parsol 1789 (Avobenzone), and this helps block the UVA rays that a lot of suncreen out there fail to do. This also contains Vit. A, C, and E that aid in reducing cell damaging free radicals.

PM - I wash my face with the Bodyshop Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser.

After washing, I put on Jarrowís Formula MSM Gel. This makes my face feel so smooth and the texture of it feels like its brand new. I believe it helps in sloughing off my dead skin cells and those annoying little comedones. This brand also contains Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin C, another plus in speeding up the healing process of fading my acne scars. All the ingredients in this brand are safe and non pore clogging. I remember a few people mentioning on this board about how theyíve gotten great results from this brand. A lot of others used the creams and such, and they contained a lot of no-no ingredients leading them to breakouts and believing that MSM made them break out.

As for internally, I take vitamins/supplements and also maintain a strict healthy diet for my acne.

AM - Start off the morning with fruits and Green Tea w/ lemon drops. Green Tea is a great anti-oxidant and great for your overall health. Whether or not it really helps acne, it does help detoxify your system which is another plus.

15 minutes before Lunch and Dinner, I take my vitamins.

-Ultimate Anti-oxidant (Vits. A, C, E, and Selenium)
-Ultimate Omega Complex ( Balanced blend of EFAís 3,6,9)
-50mg Chelated Zinc (Zinc Oxide) - Yes, I know this isnít the best absorbed zinc out there, but at the time, I didnít know. If you are going to buy zinc, get the Zinc Picolinate as it is the easiest absorbed by the body. Also, try to get one that already has Copper with it as well.

PM - I end off the night with a cup of Ginger Tea. Ginger is great in helping aid in digestion. Others chew a small piece of ginger before a meal. I think Ginger is one of the reasons I have not broken out regardless of heavy meals. I eat plenty of rice, which is bad, but Ginger really helps break it down.

My diet is very boring and doesnít have much of a selection. However, itís not like Iím starving myself and am still eating a lot. Itís basically just white rice, chicken/fish, raw/steamed veggies, fruits, and salads. Thatís allÖno dairy, some meat on rare occasions, no hydrogenated/vegetable cooking oils (basically, nothing fried), no junk food, and no starchy carbs that are easily converted into sugar except for white rice. I am asian, and I canít live without it. However, I do limit my intake of rice. But, on rare occasions, when I tend to have more than usual, I will supplement with 300mg Chromium. I only do this at specific times when Iíll know that Iíll be eating a lot of foods that will be converted into sugar, i.e. rice. I donít take Chromium that much at all, as I cannot afford to lose weight. HmmÖmaybe I should look into Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Note: The Vitamins and Diet are whatís controlling my acne and allowing me to reach the road to being clear. I canít help but explain this so many times to othersÖif you want to be clear and stop your breakouts in its tracks, then maintain in keeping your internal system HEALTHY! Sure, what you put on your face externally matters and stress might also break you out, but if you donít have a healthy system inside, then all of it is useless. Why do you think all these cleanses and detox are whatís helping others so well? Acne is a long term process and fasting with lemon juice for a couple of days wonít get the job done. You must maintain a healthy and strict diet for your acne as long as you continue to breakout. Hopefully one of these days, I will outgrow this, but for now, I must stick to what Iím doing.

Many others mention about Vitamins breaking them out. If you take the right vitamins and the right amount, then you shouldnít be breaking out at all.

I heard that taking too much Vit. E can result in more acne. Well, as soon as I dropped my intake of 800 IU down to 400 IU, my breakout of little bumps stopped. A lot of others blame their breakouts on vitamins, but were using a Multi. Please donít blame it on vitamins itself. It is most likely the Iodine that is causing you to break out.

I see nothing but good in supplementing with vitamins. What is the point of stopping them? You do not get your daily amount from fruits and veggies alone. I guarantee you that. So many of our fruits and veggies have been oxidized and most of its vitamins are greatly diminished. Therefore, you must supplement.

Recently, Iíve added Lemon juice and Honey to my regimen. I will have a glass of Lemon juice here and there. And I will maintain to take at least 3 teaspoons of honey everyday and see if it makes a difference.

My regimen basically consists of everything helping defeat my acne.

MSM and Aloe Vera Gel to help fade my marks. Sunscreen in helping speed up the process of healing up my marks instead of going out to the sun with no protection at all and slowing the process down.

Tea Tree Oil and Hydrogen Peroxide to help battle any active spots (whiteheads/cysts) that I might have.

Washing with cold water in the A.M. to maintain my skinís ph balance. I have very sensitive skin and I am not sure if I have rosacea or not. Whether or not I do, I do know that washing with water in the morning has greatly helped my skinís texture and my skin is no longer irritated and itchy as before when I used to wash twice a day with a cleanser.
And last, but not least, my diet and vitamins that are helping me maintain a healthy internal system. Balancing my sugar/fat intake, maintaining a healthy blood/lymph, having normal bowel movements, detoxifying my system daily, ETC ETC ETC.

Well, sorry everyone for such the long post. Take this with a grain of salt. I know a lot of others already do most of this, but I just felt like sharing with yaíll what is working for me. I still cannot eat specific foods and will continue to breakout if I become irresponsible, but I am glad that I am able to control my acne. In my opinion, having control of your acne is the next to last step of curing it. =D Peace everyone and take care.

-d0pey 4:20

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