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I heard a lot of success stories about Proactiv... unfortunatly it didn't work for me!! Argh!! I was also pregnant, then went on Ortho-Tricyclen, so that might have had an effect on my skin.

What REALLY annoyed is when I called to discontinue my Proactiv, and the people on the phone were so pushy!! They told me "You just THINK you broke out because Proactiv is penetrating into your pores..." BULL****! Pimples are pimples, lady! Besides, what does she know? She's just a damn operator. Keep in mind I had very mild acne prior to this.

My friend has sensitve/dry skin... she got a few pimple, and tried Proactiv... her face got red and swollen! Since Proactiv's main ingredient is Benozyl Peroxide do NOT use it if you have dry/sensitive skin. Maybe it'll work for you.

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