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Hello, I recently applied the tester to my forehead and didnt start to flake/peel until about day 11/12. Im going to begin the 4000 any day now. For those who have done this peel, did the forehead area peel slower than other parts of the face? Im assuming other areas of my face will peel sooner but im not sure when and it makes it difficult when trying to decide when to plan to be home on the bad flaking/peeling days. I appreciate any feedback. thanx.
Hello, sorry it's been a few days since my last post. I am going to wait until it's all over before I give an evaluation of the peel, as I don't want to say anything negative about it before it's finished. So far none of my forehead has peeled, the entire area around my mouth has peeled completely, about half of the beard area has peeled, and some of the skin on my cheeks is beginning to peel. I am somewhat disappointed because the word "peel" isn't entirely true, it's much more of a flaking for me. It's like you get a mild sunburn and the skin sort of peels/flakes off from that. My skin hasn't been red the entire time, nor has it been irritated at all. I was very surprised by that. I didn't even need to take last week off, but I wish I had taken this week off, as I have to go to work tomorrow with my skin flaking off pretty bad. She be a fun two or three days. I'll post again Tuesday or Wednesday, as soon as the skin finishes peeling, and let you guys know what I thought of it.

just a quick update on my status. i think im on day 13 and i am still peeling/flaking on my upper forehead and beard area near my sideburns. also some on the eye area on the sides of my face. i guess ill be peeling for the next 2 months so ill post when im done. heh. i know it must sound crazy but i think i have at least 4-5 days until im done.
anyway i dont want to scare anyone whos thinking of doing the peel. im certainly not in the norm and the peeling is in small areas and doesnt bother me at all. if i did the peel again i wouldnt take any days off. its just not a big deal in my opinion. i interacted w/ many people over the last 10 days and like 2 people have made comments, joking comments like your peeling like a lizard or something--i told them my dr. prescribed a topical for an infection i had and a chemical in the cream cause my skin to burn. that was that. no big deal. so while i dont want to talk about the results yet i will tell anyone whos a bit apprehensive about the peel because of pain or the aesthetics to go ahead. dont buy into the horror stories. you applay the peel, your skin has a burning sensation for like 15 minutes and thats it. and as far as being in public w/ peeling skin--im sure anyone using this peel has had to be in public w/ acne--and after being in public w/ a large zit this is a piece of cake.
ill post again in a few days

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