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Originally posted by Lauren*10:
I have been using Noxema but I have always used that. Maybe it's from the Retin-A. I haven't used it in awile b/c it dried my face out so bad. Do you think I should try that Cetaphil everyone is talking about on here (for oily skin)? My scars are from my younger years from when I picked at them..I know I know..LOL. I have tried pure Vit. E oil and that doesn't even work. I tried tea tree oil, but it caused rebound acne. They are red areas, not pitted or anything. My acne is probably considered mild all over but moderate on my chin. Why do you think my face turns red and blotchy when I touch it?
Thanks for replying so fast Lauren*10

You probably have oily/sensitive skin. I tried the Cetephil and I personally didn't like it (although I'm sure a lot of people will have different opinions about that).

I would try to clear up my acne first. Then worry about your scars.

For me, Proactiv worked (again you will get mixed opionions on that too).

The best soap/cleanser I have used is Neutogena original formula transparent facial bar. The acne formula dried me out. You might want the Dry/sensitive formula.

Everyone's skin is soooooooooooooo different. It is so hard to give advice to someone on their skin. What you can expect is just a lot of different opinions on what worked for each individual.

I wish I Could Have Been More Helpful. Maybe someone else on this board can be more Helpful to You..Best Of Luck...........
I am using cetaphil and like it. I didn't care for the original(dry skin) because it didn't remove makeup very well, but it would be a good one for the morning. Even though I have dry skin I still choose to use the one for Normal/oily skin. It's still gentle but removes my makeup better. I would definitely try changing what you wash your face with. I know a lot of people have trouble with noxema. Even though you have been using it for awhile, you body can change, so you'd need to change what you are using. Just don't try too many products at one time. It will take some experimenting to find what works for you.

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