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I am in the midst of a 6-session treatment of microdermabrasions and glycolic peels by a licensed aesthetician that practices out of dermatologist's office. While I have never read or heard about the particular peel you describe, I have several questions for related to this peel that I hope you indulge me with answers:
1) is your aesthetician licensed?
2) is your aesthetician practicing out of a day spa?
3) how did you find your aesthetician?
4) did you get ample information about this peel and other peels currently being perfomed by other practiioners?
5) did you get a name for this peel?
6) were you told what the solution is being applied to your skin?
7) do you currently have acne problems that this peel is trying to alleviate?
I know I asked a bunch of questions, but I am an unrelenting advocate for being an informed consumer of health care and I want to know everything that is being done to me. Thanks for your insights, regards, pat Brown

Hi Pat, nice to see you on here.

Okay maybe I made a mistake. I went in to get my acne consulted and this lady, I believe, was licensed. However, once we got the program started, her assistants preceded to work on my face instead of her.

1) Yes, the lady was licensed.
2) No, this is a company that has been around for 9 years and all of them are done practicing.
3) I just walked in to get my acne consulted. I had heard about them from a TV show interviewing facial salons.
4) Not really. I told them that I wanted something that will be able to fade my scars and they put me on this Micropeel program for 3 days.
5) Micropeel
6) Unfortunately, no I wasnít. And that ticked me off. At first, the lady applied something to my face and it had an alcoholic smell. So I was very concerned and asked her and her stupid reply was ďitís Astringent.Ē Then I asked them what the yellowish green oil they applied to my face 3 different times was, and they replied ďitís part of the Micropeel.Ē
7) I donít really have acne anymore, just scars left. I can relate to your other post about that RX medicine you were talking about for pores. I donít know what these bumps are but they are very annoying. My face will be clear and then there would still be little bumps left that donít come to a head. Sometimes I think its dermatitis or a rash or something, but at times, it does come up. Maybe the MSM I ordered will help this case.

Well I am done with my 3 day Micropeel. During the 3 days, my skin was completely bright red all over my forehead, both cheeks, nose. I am not exaggerating, I mean it was really pink. The only places that werenít pink were under my eyes and around my lips/chin area. My face looked like it had a bad case of sunburn. Iím a Filipino with light skin so I am able to compare mine to an American. My white friend once had a bad case of sunburn and his face was bright pink and this is what mine looked.

It is now a day after the Micropeel. Well, my face is peeling, but have I noticed a difference in my scars? Quite frankly, not much at all. But it has improved my skin tone, making it smoother, however didnít really make a difference in my brown marks.

This is why I donít trust the company. It seems as if they are just out for the money and I hate that. I want someone honest. While I have very little confidence that their service will work, they are very money hungry. They had me listed for a Micropeel and 18 facials/skin bleaching. A facial slash/bleaching once a week for 3 months and a facial to clean out my pores once a month for five months. Then she also prescribed me 3 products which have no ingredients listed. I didnít want to use her products, but my mom insisted that I do, in order to get total results from their service. The lady had us buy this gentle milking cleanser, a vit C cream to moisturize, and this HY cream for my redness. Right now at this moment, I donít know what the hell I am applying to my face. But I am just putting my trust in them. I repeatedly asked the lady if it was okay to procede with the micro peels, but continue on my old regimen with the face wash and toner that I trust and not make my face break out. But she kept on insisting, that in order to see if the program works, I will have to stick with their whole regimen. My opinion is, no one knows our face better than ourselves and thatís why I donít like putting my trust in them. I am afraid that the products will contain pore clogging ingredients and what not. I bet the lady was getting pissed, and I canít blame them. Iím an 18yr old male and what do I know about acne right? Well I have been studying a lot about it on the internet and reading message boards about it and learning from many members such as yourself. So after all this, and all the charges/costs made, the lady procedes to ask my mom for her credit card. Iím likeÖ.so we have to pay all this at once? So if it doesnít work or if Iím not satisfied, then thereís no way of getting my money back at all? So what we did was, we just paid for the Micropeels and the face products and if we decide to continue, then weíll pay for the facials. I think Iím gonna stop for now and just have to go back to my old regime which is just wash my face twice a day with my cleanser and apply a toner. Iíll probably just wait for my scars/red marks to fade.

So you are getting microdermabrasion and glycolic peels done on your face? I am considering of getting a microdermabrasion for my face as well, once I am done with this whole micro peel process. Do you have any active acne left? What if you still breakout with minor little pimples, or whiteheads, can you still get a microdermabrasion? To come to think of it, I think that yellow/green oil they put on my face for 3 consecutive days to make my skin peel was Glycolic acid? Hmm, I donít know quite for sure though. I think the reason they wonít tell me is because if I knew the ingredient, then they assumed I could just do it myself. Afterall, it was just a ladie applying the oil to my face with a cutip. Well anyways, my bad for such a long post, I just had to tell you about my experience. I am very interested in getting a microdermabrasion, Iím probably going to consult about it next month or so. Keep me updated on how your peels and microdermabrasions go. Take care, Peace.

-d0pey 4:20

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