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Originally posted by dopey_digital:
Thanks for you wonderful take on my situation. Appreciate the encouragement =D

Hey, I just calls'em as I sees'em! Part of my originally long post was describing my experience with a skin care center that I found running an advertisement with coupons for microdermabrasion. I called about the various services and was told that they gave free consultations for services and so I made an appointment.

Frankly, I would've seriously considered signing the dotted line and paying the big bucks because years of frustration with the treatment of my acne was taking its toll. I don't know why, after 30 years of dealing with this aggravating disease, I should suddenly be becoming impatient, but I was. I guess the mid-40s gives me license to get crotchetty, LOL!

So anyway, the waiting room of this "day spa" was very quiet--no people--and I didn't hear any voices in the whole office. It was kind of creepy. But it didn't bother me, altogether. What did bother me was the fast pitch for an anti-aging/skin rejuvenation package for the sum $2400us. And I might not have minded it so much, except for the glaring fact, that when I asked for there were a written breakdown of prices and services of this package in a brochure I could take home, I was told "oh, we don't have any of our prices in writing." Huh?

I was left to writing what had been described to on the back of the spa's business card.

This did not seem very professional. But I was frustrated with the acne and was actually still willing to give this outfit the benefit of the doubt.

I did go home and talked a lot with my husband about why I went and what I had hoped to accomplish with the treatments. The most important thing I did is that I put distance between me and the pressuring sales pitch and got to do some research about surrounding Washington, DC skin care facilities.

I did do a lot more researching and eventually found someone else in my locality that does do microdermabrasions. Turns out, one of the new dermatologists in my town has been offering aesthetician's services as a complement to the clinical practice. The doctor and the licensed aesthetician are sisters.

I DO currently go to my aesthetician and will be receiving the 3rd of 6 microdermabrasions this Thrusday. My package cost me $500 for the entire 6. During the past 2 sessions, the aesthetician has included a couple of glycolic peels and she sent me home with my FREE trial size of what is called a mini peel. This mini peel smells exactly like rotting garbage. That's the methylcellulose. It's not so bad, it's just the initial odor when you open the bottle.

So far, what I wanted to accomplish with both types of peels is what I've been satisfactorily getting. (Let's not talk about those annorying bumps that never come to a head. Getting rid of these is going to take a few more sessions and more topicals to dry them out. But they are reduced in size, and may be slowly going away). I was not pressured into additonal packages and definitely I'm getting what I want at a price I can live with. Most important of all, I have found a practioner that like personally and I trust.

It makes a huge difference in making a skin care program work if the client/patient is committed to it working and we can can work with a practioner that is not trying to drum up business with us.

Acne treatment doesn't END with there being no more lesions and no more bumps. We acne sufferers have to realize that getting acen under control is a lifestyle. It can come back--even when the Accutane and the antibiotics run out.

So, keep looking for a different skin care center and definitely do some research on the Internet about the peels. I learned about what to expect in peels by buying a skin care book at the bookstore.

Would I recommend microdermabrasion and glycolic peels? For ME, yes. It's what I decided I wanted after I had done a lot reading and Internet researching. Is it for you, that's something you have to decide.

I want to see if they really are worth it and will do a good job on the scars. Do you still get any active acne as well?[/QUOTE]

For what I'm paying and what my expectations are of the microdermabrasion and the glycolic peels, the $500 is worth the investment for ME. Others on this board might tell you they found no benefit. I've embarked on this program with a thorough understanding of what to expect and what NOT to expect.

Yes, I still have active acne, but I have it under control with using the BenzaClin topical and using the glycolic lotion everyday.

As of today, I am beginning adding 4 grams of pantothenic acid to my daily supplemental intake. I'm also incorporating alpha lipoic acid and Coenzyme 10Q as part of the skin care regimen. I bought "The Wrinkle Cure" and while it's addressing the concerns of us old, wrinkled farts, the logic of much of the book definitely applies to those of us with acne. A whole lot. And besides, are you too young to start taking care of your skin so you look as handsome at 46 (my age) as you do now? Of course not!

Get thee to a bookstore and start reading all about the skin care you need as an acne sufferer. Take care, pat

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