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First off, please don't flame me. I'm just stating my opinion. But I am really starting to believe that some of our acne (probably most people with moderate acne) comes from poor diet and health. I'm just starting on this way of thinking so I have little proof as of yet. The truth is for years I've eaten whatever I've wanted to...Taken no exercise and wondered why my skin is so bad.

I'm starting to cut White sugar, White flour, drinking more water, eating better and taking vitamins including Ester-C, Alpha liponic acid and other healthy antioxidants. I really think there is something to this. It seems to me that we are always looking for the quick fix to our acne...but I know that it's not that easy!

I still am using 2.5% bezoyle peroxide and some wonderful gel from Younthful Essentials (I found it in my healthfood store after looking for something containing these vitamins) It's called Skin Healing Gel and here are the ingrediants:

Water, aloe, carnosine, glucosamine, ascorbyl palimate(vitamin C), alpha liponic acid, green tea estract, d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), retenyl palimate (vitamin A), DMAE, cellulose, essential oil of orange.

Please research these vitamins you'll find a wealth of information. Here are the vitamins I'm currently taking:

One daily multiple, 500mg- Pantothenic Acid, One soft gel Cod liver oil, 500mg-Ester-C, 100mg-Alpha lipoic acid, and 1000mg-MSM.

My skin feels so much better! I put on the skin gel and then a 2.5% bp on top of it, then I go to bed. When I wake up and rub my skin it's not greasy at all. I Don't wash my face in the morning, I just leave it on all day. (By this time the gel has bonded and you don't get the plastic looking face like you do when you put aloe on) Then at night (my face is still not oily) I wash off all the gel and makeup really good and then put the gel and bp back on again. I've get to figure when I'll use Alpha hydroxy acid in this routine. I might do it in the early evening. I've been doing this for a few days now, and I can't really say this is a miracle yet, (I let you know in a few weeks to a month) But I'm so amazed that my break outs healed so fast and my skin not oily I'm pretty much sold.

I believe to help acne you need to clean, use something for bacteria, exfoliate, and protect.

This isn't the easy way that's for sure...but my skin isn't oily or overdry and I know this is better for my I just have to get the exercise part down. Anyway, if you're skeptical please do research on all that I've told you! It's sound! And it costs maybe $30-40 for the vitamins (they'll last for a month or two.) and the gel is $27-35 (depending on where you get it and I'm not sure how long it last, my guess is a month.) The BP around $5. So this is reasonable.

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