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What you've read and seen on the net about accutane's side effects are blown way out of proportion. Really it's not as bad as they say. Im on it right now. I'm in my 6th month and almost done! I use to be just like you, scared $%^&less of accutane! The only regret I have is not having the opportunity to take it when I was younger. I understand it's not a cure and my acne may come back, but it's the best treatment I've done so far. Accutane is not for everybody, so be careful.

So what you have to watch what you eat, avoid prolong exposure to the sun, stay sober, and use contraceptives for 5-6 months. It's worth it to potentially rid you of your problem for good. Yes, Accutane made me depressed at times. That was because it made me regret not doing it when I was much younger and having to suffer for all those years. And to have these ugly scars to remind me of those years just adds even more to the depression.
I say just do it! Trust me, you'll regret you didn't do it sooner. At least you can say you've tried the best thing out there, right?
it's actually up to what you think personally, no one can force you to take up a medication, except that maybe when you have run out of other potential treatment you decided that maybe you could give accutane a risk after all you have been trying so much and you are going around a circle. that's what happen to me, initially i was really against accutane but now 1 year after i'm on it and i'm the one who asked my doctor for it.

of course there are people who suffered from it, and the long list of side effects on the piece of paper that come with the medication don't seemed too frightening after a while because if you looked at your common drug like panadol the list of side effects can be daunting but who care. i think there are lots of success story cuz accutane is not called the miracle drug for nothing, no one called antibiotics miracle drug because it sux. as long as when u decided to take accutane, when the time is right just eat it and stopped thinking about all those side effects, you will start feeling better.

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