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I think there will always be confusion over the "cure" or what the Main Culprit is, but for SOME people, maybe more than we know, food can cause a variety of different problems.

I know some people said that they stopped drinking milk and they noticed a postive effect, and other's didn't. For those that didn't notice a difference maybe you are more sensitive. Did you eliminate ALL sources of dairy? Remember cakes, cookies, pizza, bread, etc are usually made with milk so IF milk was your aggrevator, you wouldn't know unless you did the above.

While I think Kate has a point, no one is going to know if CERTAIN foods are problematic for them, if you are eating them on a DAILY basis! My guess is that if you LOVE eating certain foods (not talking junk food here), like pizza, pasta, tomatoes,etc than MAYBE that is what is problematic for you.

If you are allergic, then you should know almost immediately, but if you are intolerant it can take days, months or years for it to damage your body enough before you see symptoms, such as acne, cramps, fatigue, malnutrition, headaches, arthritis, IBS, and this list goooooes on...

There will ALWAYS be a debate over this, but remember that science is always changing, and even they are admitting that carbs aren't good for us. Although I'm betting it's SPECIFIC carbs (from certain grains), that are the culprit. Would you honestly feel good knowing that you are eating something that is slowly damaging your body?

I say this because grains have an opiate effect, and some people can become "addicted" to them. Not only that but according to studies grains (and nightshades) cause/contribute to the autoimmune disease known as Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is because it increases inflammation in the joints, so why wouldn't it increase the inflammation of our acne?

Some of you may know this, but for those who don't, I'm currently on a Gluten Free diet (eliminates wheat, barley, rye, and some other grains) and as such I haven't had a pizza, or hamburger, or a sandwich in weeks (but there are substitutes for these). I really don't miss it, in fact all I ever drink now is water, and my already decreasing sweet tooth, desires less sugar than before. Not a bad deal.

The thing is, that before I went on this diet, I had my doctor test me for Celiac Disease, and I tested negative. However, my body still produced some antibodies to gliaden (gluten wheat protein). In fact, I managed to find a website that showed the test results of others and ALL of them, even those they deemed "healthy" produced varying amounts of these antibodies.

What does that tell you? Are we supposed to have Antibodies to the foods we eat? Especially something that is a HUGE staple in the Western Diet. Considering that our bodies are supposed to produce antibodies to Foreign or Bad things in our system, I would have to say no. Unless we aren't supposed to be eating certain grains because our bodies haven't evolved enough to do so...Any thoughts?

BTW, have any of you checked your pet's food lately? If you are feeding them commercial food, you may want to, because the same "healthy" foods we eat, they eat too. Despite the fact that most are carnivores, these companies provide them with more grains and sugar than they do quality meat... Maybe that's why they also end up with cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, urinary tract infections, and skin problems like ACNE =0

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