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Jul 3, 2002

I use to post here under a different name a year ago, but I've misplaced the password in the file of my black hole. Anyway, last year I had moderate to semi-severe acne. The acne at that time were huge and covered the lower half of my face and neck. Last year, I helped to create the B-5 craze. I used high dosages of B-5 for a long time and it basically made my acne mild. Well, I stopped using the B-5 after about 6 months. My skin stayed at mild, but durring a certain time of the month it would flare up and become moderate. If you are curious about what mild to moderate means to me, then I'll define it; anywhere between 4 to 10 cysts on my face at anytime.

After reading a few new and interesting posts on this board, I decided to try a new idea. I began to drink half a squeezed lemon twice a day and using the left over lemon on my face. I'd just drink my glass of lemon water in the morning and at night, then use the left over lemon half and rub it on my face. I'd wait for about 10 to 20 minutes then wash it off with luke-warm water. Remember, I did this twice a day, morning and night. I also did a few other things in conjunction with the lemon, multi-vitamin(extra zinc and vitamin A), self-heating mask and a face scrub.

As for the vitamins I just double the dosage; 2 pills instead of the recommended 1 per day. The self-heating mask I use is very cheap, and I think readily available in a generic or the biore' version. I would recommend only using the mask once or twice a week, but always do the lemon mask twice a day.

The facial scrub helps remove the dead skin on the base of the jaw and neck. Do not scrub too hard as this will irritate your skin, but it does wonders in removing dead flaky skin.

As for my diet, I tend to eat whatever and whenever I want. But I think it's a good idea to cut down on sugar intake and fast food intake for everyone and not just acne sufferers. My basic diet has always been healthy, I eat fruit and vegetables with all my meals. But I did try to cut down my intake of starchy foods, and trust me, that was incredibly difficult! I did notice if I consumed less rice, bread and potatoes that my skin did improve a little. The amount of improvement wasn't justified(imho) to cut down on my starch intake. I was on this low starch diet for about 2 months. Anyway, once I started my "new" diet and regiment, I began to eat normally(more rice.Yah!!) and my skin has not developed any new acne.

By the way, I've noticed two benefits: 1. my skin is healing itself in less amount of time then before and 2. the red marks are fading quickly. Before it would take a few weeks for the acne to heal itself, but now it takes about 3 days for the bumps to vanish. I believe the lemon mask is helping my skin fade the red marks.

Also, I use neutrogena pore clear and benzoyl peroxide on my skin every night, and in the morning just plain lubriderm moisturizer before I put any make-up on my face. I've been doing this for months and it just helped to control the mild to moderate acne. It never cleared my skin.

Well, I think this regiment may work for some, but not for everyone. Just like the B-5, it helped some and others it made worse. All our bodies and reasons for acne is unique so don't be discouraged if one thing works for another and not for you. Just keep trying different things till you find your needle in the haystack.


I have very sensitive, pale skin with large visible pores at the t-zone. What's odd is my t-zone is normally clear but the lower half with non-visible pores would break out.

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