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stillmatic I copied and pasted the posts from the other forum below. I don't really know that much about glycolic creams but I will just forward this to you. These are from the people from the other acne board who were complaining about the glycolic cream or whatever:

"I've been following the discussion concerning damages from glycolic acid and felt I had to chime in with my personal experience. I started using the MD forte lotion II (20% glycolic acid in early May. I applied it to my face once a day (at night). About three weeks into it I began to notice a couple of odd red spots that I would have to say looks very much like what has been described on this board. I immediately stopped using it. It's now been about three weeks since and I'm noticing that more of these 'spots' are appearing. I had done copious amounts of research about glycolic acid before actually buying this MD forte stuff and never did I run into any information describing this kind of side effects. I wish I had found out about this board before. As I'm noticing that new 'spots' are cropping up almost daily, I am now very worried that eventually my face will be covered with it. Damn this sucks!!! I really cannot believe that this is happening! I am wondering if anyone has gotten any kind of asessment from a Derm about these damages and whether they're permanent. Thanks."

"Keely That is exactly what my skin looks like after using MD Fourty 20 % glycolic acid cleanser and moisturizer. I have little tiny pin holes all over my face. They are not acne scars I have some of them and these are not the same thing. I started using these products because I was told that it would make my skin look better. Now my skin looks like on orange peel. Has this happened to you?

"I was woundering if you could email me with more info about what your skin looks like so that we can compair. I to have had a bad reaction to glycolic acid only mine was from a 20% glycolic acid cleansers and moisturizer from MD Fourty. I also had one peel. My
skin has the same orange peel look that you are talking about. Please consider compairing notes and maybe we can come up with some kind of soultion. I also would like to exchange info with others who have had these type or reacitons with glycolic acids.

"Beth and Emma I think I have experanced the same damage as you both have. I used MD fourty (30% glycolic acid) cleanser and moisturizer for about 6 weeks after my estatition recommened them. ( I also had one peel) she said it would help with my mild acne scarring and fine lines and oily skin. I stopped using them because it irritated my skin. My skin was always pink and was very senceitive. I aslo noticed that my skin looked like an orange peel that's the only way I can describe what it looks like. When I asked her about it she said my skin looked fine. When I kepted asking more questions she would tell me that this product could not damage the skin in the way that I described. I really beleive that this product made my skin age prematurly. My pores looked bigger and my very mild acne scars look more visiable. I do beleive It caused small scars that look like acne scars but where not caused by acne. I really don't know what to do. I don't trust any products know. My questions for both of you is what can be done about this not just for us but what can be done to warn others and how can we report this. I also want to know if you skin is getting better. It's been about 10 months since this has happeded. there has got to be a way for us to get help. I really don't think that we sould just live like this becuase this was something i was told that would help my skin look better. Please let me know what you think.


I use the same product and I am not sure if made my scars look any better..sometimes i think that it might have made them look worse. REally pisses me off. I noticed my skin is a lot pinker..and i think the pitts are more noticeable in certain types of lighting. I am going to quit using the products and see if it helps me out at all. I hope that it does. Are you continuing to use them? How long ago did u stop, and did you notice an impovement? Good luck with whatever you decid to do."

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