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21 years old...

On my last week of Accutane after a grueling 7 month treatment of 40 mg once a day, then twice the next (over the last few months only).

Just thought I'd let everyone know how screwed mentally I have become. Depression doesn't even sum it up, I have no motivation to do anything and all my decisions have no logic behind them.

Only thing keeping me cool is the fact that I realize it is the Accutane doing this **** to me. Unfortunately, I can't seem to shake this deep depression. Hopefully it will go away after my course is done, otherwise I have an appointment with my doctor, because I can't take much more of this.

On a sidenote, I've smoked marijuana the whole course, frequently. So for all you people who have been asking about the mixing thing, my depression could of been escalated greatly by all the weed smoking. Who knows really, I've always had an emotional head and all these effects could very well be the Accutane alone.

But I wouldn't count on it.
Well thanks everyone for the advice...

In particular, to Echo and Dimwheel... it seems as though you guys experimented with marijuana while on Accutane. I wouldn't mind taking this conversation a little further as it seems so taboo on this board. Everyone says, "quit smoking etc,." but a lot of the times these are people who are telling you to stop for the sake of it being bad in general. All the while, people know how bad smoking weed is before getting into it for the most part -- but I enjoy my poisons in life and so do others.

Which is why it's great to hear from other people who have experimented. By one's mistakes, make others flawless, and I'm interested to hear more from those who have mixed.

I will be brutally honest when saying that I've been smoking marijuana 5-7 days a week throughout this whole 7 months I have been on Accutane. I would say that everything was just fine until maybe the fourth month in, when I noticed a gradual slide in my emotional side of things. People will ask why I didn't stop at this point, but sometimes when you go through so many heartaches in life at one time, crazy times resort to crazy measures.

So I continued smoking. At times I have forgotten that the medication is in my system, forgetting how impacting the drug actually is. Two times I did cocaine while on Accutane, and once (by accident as my pizza was spiked by a friend) I did mushrooms. It should be noted that I did cocaine once around the three month stage of the Accutane course and once around the six month stage. Before Accutane, I had no desire to try cocaine... so whether or not the depression linked me to the drug is beyond my knowledge.

Regardless, I think doing those drugs were the dumbest things I could of done. I only did one line of coke each time, which was probably my saving grace. As for the mushrooms, probably the equivalent of one g.

All of these drugs felt like the regular high while on them (aside from coke, as I really didn't know what that high was like to begin with). The bottom line is that in the long run, I began deteriorating mentally from all these drugs. It was mainly the weed, as that is what I would refer to so frequently.

At this point I am so lucky I have a week of Accutane left, that and the fact that my conscience is very strong. All this time I've know that my brain is not acting normally, and thankfully, have been able to separate what I have been doing with what has been causing it. I'm sure the Accutane has been a mild detriment in all of this, but really, it's been the persistent drug use that has really screwed me up.

For those weak at heart, I wouldn't recommend what I've done -- in fact, I wouldn't play with fire if you were strong at heart. If I could go back, I would... because the thoughts of suicide, the belief that everything is going on behind your back, that the whole world is collapsing around you -- all the while you are working your 24/7 with absoloutely no cares in the world, it's not fun... especially when you used to care about everything you did.

Regardless, one week left and I've made it through somehow. But I suppose I should of made this topic out to be,

"Drugs making me psycho while on Accutane..."

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ok for all you marijuana smokers while you where on Accutane... I have a question for you all?!?!?!?!

Did the marijuana alter your monthly blood tests? Did the accutane still work its wonders?
Do you think smoking Herb occasionally will be ok? ex.. once every 2-3 weeks?

thankx.. please reply!

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