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anyone ever try it?? and ya know where to get some??? i stopped breaking out a couple years ago..... but, these pesky few scars on my face are driving me nuts..... i know they look worse to me than everyone else... but, they're just an annoyance and i've done everything from obagi peels, to every product out there.... it's so frustrating... i guess maybe i should just accept my few scars on my face and thank god my acne is gone??? just wondering if ya'll know anything about this? thank ya!
I have heard of Emu oil for acne/scars.. it is supposed to be a healing oil. About 2 years ago I read someone posting about this acne/rosaca cream that contained emu oil. He sweared by it.. so i ordered it. I didn't use it long enough to see if I had any results (i got frustated and started minocycline.) I can't post the site on here.. but they sent me a free sample of emu oil with my purchase. Do a web search on Emu oil and you should get tons of places on where you can purchase it. Good luck!

I tried it once and it didn't work for me.

Are your scars pitted or are they the red flat scars? For pitted scars I think you'll have to speak with a good dermatologist and maybe he/she can help with those types of scars. But form my knowledge, there isn't much one can do about the pitted scars. Hey, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Elizabeth Hurley and many other famous people have pitted scars and they are beautiful!

For the red flat types of scars, time, peels, lemon juice or the scrub may help a little, but time is usually the best prescription.

But are you sure you have the red scars from acne or real skin damage? I believe your post stated you've had these for years without any new breakouts? Then if that is correct I'm being lead to believe those aren't just the normal red acne discoloration but possibly some sort of skin damage due to sun or harsh methods/chemicals. If that's the case then imho I doubt there will be many types of creams or oils that will repair the damaged tissue. Possibly a dermatoligist will have more aggressive methods to repair the damaged tissue.

I know you probably would prefer more positive feedback, but I'd hate to see you waste your time or emotions in a direction that might fail you. But then again, try the emu oil, it might help you!


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