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I completely understand! I graduated college in May, and went for a job interview in June. Of course, my face was broken out, but at least I could cover that with makeup. The problem was that I had this really huge cyst like zit on the front of my nose. It was very noticeable. I tried popping it even though I know I shouldn't but it didnít pop. And it would not go away. So I covered it with makeup to hide the redness, but there was no way to hide the big bump on my nose. And I went to the interview.

Since then I've found some products that really work at reducing the size of some persistent acne. The refining mask from Proactiv is really great as an overnight spot treatment. But you can't order it until you've ordered their main product first (which isn't worth it). Bu this mask contains sulfur, so if you can find a sulfur product elsewhere, that might work. Also I put a small dab of toothpaste on, as well, as an overnight spot treatment. I know it sounds a little odd, but it really does work at drying out the pimple. Of course, make sure to test this stuff out on a small spot before using it on many to make sure it won't break out your face even more. You wouldn't want to make the situation worse. These are just what I've found to work for me, but everyone's different.

By the way, I ended up getting the job I interviewed for, so my big zit must not have mattered. Try to cover up what you can with makeup. The best advice is to be self confident and don't worry about your face. If you're right for the job, they'll hire you!

Good luck

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