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i have been kind of experimenting on what to do after i pop a whitehead. first of all...don't squeeze or pop unless it has visible pus in it...oh yuck, that sounds disgusting...sorry!! lol! anyways. i also pop mine with a needle that i have disinfected with a flame. so i gently pick the top...then, i wrapped kleenex around both pointer fingers and i gently squeeze until all the pus (yuck) is out and i see fluid. i read how to do this on a website once. so anyways...after that i dab some tea tree oil on the popped pimple (this is the experimental part!!) and i let that dry. this basically kills all the bacteria. after it is dry i dab a small amount of benzoyl peroxide cream. don't use BP creams that have too high of a percentage... 2.5%-5% is good. then leave it alone!! also, i only do this at night right before i'm going to bed because the tea tree oil and the BP cause a lot of redness for a few hours. i don't want to walk around like that. and then, in the morning, the zit is ALWAYS (for me at least) diminished greatly and healing...kinda with a small scab on it. then if just takes a few days for the scab to fall off. i help this happen by still applying a small amount of BP morning and night to it. now, i'm not saying this will work for everyone or all types of pimples. i have used this method for about a month and it really helps!! just remember: make sure the pimple is really ready to be popped and don't touch it afterwards. i don't think this will work on cystic acne though. sorry!! so try this if you want and good luck!!


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