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Hi im a 22 year old male and Ive had acne since i was in highschool. My parents had acne. My dad has big holes on the side of his cheeks as a result, and my mom has small holes on the side of her face but you can hardly tell.
I didnt have that much acne on my cheeks but girls were staring at me and you know I loved the attention.
So I decided to use "doctor feder's acne regiment" that i bought from tv...... it broke my face out so much. My nose started to get acne, my cheecks and my forehead.. little did I know that. So that started my acne (maybe? maybe not? or genetic?)..
I went the the dermo and he prescribed antibiotics and benzol.. those didnt work... and my mom told me that not to use the antibiotics....
I stopped using EVERYTHING on my face, all i used was soap, i was 16 back then, I decided to go on my own b/c my friend who was my best friend told me "its embarressing walking with you".. cuz i had lots of acne. So i started going on my own, eating lunch in my car, staying away from the public, it hurt but oh well, i use to get white heads on my mouth.. huge cysts twice a month.. red bumps around my mouth..... now im 22 and i decided to go back to the dermo.
He described minocycline.. every day i would get white heads.... but in 2 days, i didnt get any bumps.. nor i didnt get white heads.....
FOR 7 MONTHS I FORGOT HOW TO POP A PIMPLE.. my face started to heal, red marks started to dissappear in those 7 months of TOTAL BLISS no red marks on my forehead...........
I loved it .. it totally controlled my acne.
now i dont know why but im immune to it after 7 months.. i started to get cysts on my forehead.. and sometimes white heads on my mouth......
now its like day 3 of not using minocycline b/c my prescription ran out.... i only have a red bump on the side of my mouth....... i love antibiotics, it works for me... rather than using other products on my face............... anyone have this problem too?

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