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Jul 2, 2002
hey all... i have been on minocycline for 2 weeks now. i take 2 100mg pills twice a day, but starting today i go on just one 100mg pill a day. if this medication has worked for you then please tell me your story. also i have some questions: how long did it take to see results? how long did it take to totally clear? how long were you able to stay on the medication? did you have any side effects? thanks so much!
Hi Teeny,

I was on Minocycline for about 6 months. I was on 100mg, once daily. I began to see results around the end of the first month, I was clear by week 5. Doctor's recommend that you only take antibiotics for acne treatment for about 6 months, in some cases people take antibiotics for several years, ie. I have a friend who was on Minocycline for about 3 years. I did not notice any side effects whatsoever.

A word to the wise though, my own opinion, I believe antibiotics are a waste of time when it comes to treating acne. There are some topics on this board which point out what antibiotics to get rid of your acne, and it isn't pretty.

Reguardless, I wish you good luck!
thanx for the info Mr. Right! it really helps... and anyone else PLEASE PLEASE reply! i really want some more info! thanx again!~
ok well it seems that overnight my face has drastically began to clear up while using minocycline! the red marks are still here but i can tell that the bumps are drastically reducing in size... im so happy!
hi teeny

im also on minocycline as well as a pro-biotic and my skin is clearing up and I am very happy too. However, i feel like a cancer patient who's in remission: it does seem to come back when you stop using antibiotics - so my happiness is very controlled!! What do you think?
I've been on minocycline for a year. Small pimples gone not larger ones. It has not really helped me. I go to the doc discuss new options.
hey everyone...thanx so much for replying. i was just wondering for those of you who had success(or didnt) with mino...what did you use after going off of it and did your skin stay clear?THANKS!~

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cant anyone respond...i really need some help... PLEASE?thanx so much this can get frustrating u know?
Hi TeEnY,

I've been on Minocycline for about seven months now and it's worked out wonderfully for me thus far. I've jabbered about my current success a few times on this board. You can do search if you want, but basically I had moderate facial acne for about two years before deciding to give oral antibiotics a try. I was initially prescribed the same dosage you were previously on: 100mg twice daily. In addition to Minocycline, I also used Differen gel, which got rid of the more persistent pimples.

I saw major improvement after about a month and was totally clear after two months. Everyone is different though, but the fact that you are already seeing results is very promising.

I did have side effects in the beginning which eventually faded away like dizziness and an upset stomach. I still get an upset stomach if I don't take Mino on a full stomach.

I use a gentle cleansing soap at night and sometimes in the morning if I'm oily. I use Cetaphil bar soap which is great at removing my makeup without drying out my skin.

It's recommended that people not take oral antibiotics for longer than six months. Although I've heard accounts of people using Mino for many years (my derm currently has a patient who has been on Mino for SEVEN years!) Of course, I'd rather not take Mino for the rest of my life, and I've just started the tapering process this last month and stopped using the Differen gel. I now use Azelex cream which promotes the fading of hyperpigmentation marks.

thank you so so so so so so much for replying evelyn! im glad to hear a positive experience! i hope your face stays clear, keep me posted on that id really like to know what happens! anyone else who has used minocycline please keep posting i love hearing the experiences...thanks!!
I was on the stuff for 6+ months after 2 with tetracycline. I didn't find it to make my condition any better then tetra did. I stuck with it and took all my doses and the only good thing that happened was less big ones. I still got the clogged pores, scarring and nasty skin. I just quit back in april and within a few weeks starting getting larger breakouts. I'm getting nasty cysts that are lingering for weeks.

So if it works for you and your case reacts well I would say keep taking the stuff, but would fear going off of it.
im sorry it didnt work for you! i really hope it keeps working for me... im so sick of having to change medications every 3 months or so because of no results! i really hope this is the last straw for me because i am so sick of it ! well anyone who has ever taken minocycline please keep posting i need to hear some more experiences...thanx so much!

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