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The topic marijuana and acne come up as often as alcohol and acne. Like the latter, marijuana and acne debate has been going on with no sides really showing proof if it causes acne or not. Some people say it does, some people say it doesn't.

This goes along quite closely to what everyone has been saying about acne, in which, "everyone is different" when it comes to acne.

I'll tell you my experience with marijuana and acne. I smoke A LOT of pot. At least 3 to 4 times daily. (Unless of course I don't have any). I have noticed that after I smoke my scars, cysts, pimples become red and inflammed, similar to the effect of washing my face in warm/hot water. Tried and true, it always happens.

The inflammation usually goes down when the high goes down, which also happens to be during the time the cotton mouth begins to go away. I think the whole cotton mouth thing might have something to do with the inflammation. I haven't gotten the chance to look into the effects of marijuana on the body, but I personally believe it has something to do with acne.
The few times I've smoked, it's made my acne worse, but I believe my skin was irritated by the smoke. I can't see any other way it can be linked to acne.
Try smoking outside and inside, and see if there is a difference.

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