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hey there. i saw your post and i thought id share what i have learned about scarring. now i know youre lookin at this and goin , but i think itll help you alot. enjoy! haha.

Q: Do you get scarring no matter what if you have acne?
A: depends. the more severe forms of acne, like cystic acne, are more likely to leave scars (both temporary and permanent). but it also depends on the person. everyone's body is completely different. some people's skin may heal super fast, and others may take 2 or 3 times longer to heal the exact same blemish under the exact same conditions. and just like "livenlearn" said, no matter who you are or what skin type you have, picking can definitely increase your chances of scarring.

Q: What causes scarring?
A: scarring occurs when the blemish on the skin damages the skin tissue under the skin. the deeper the blemish (like severe white heads and postules and cysts), the more serious and deeper the scar is. this is why picking is such a bad idea. when you pick at zits and such, you irritate it and you might just push the infection deeper into the skin, possibly causing a "swelling" of the existing blemish. and you know what happens when the infection is deeper in the skin. but if you think about it though, EVERY blemish leaves a scar. even the smallest of whiteheads. it may not be quite visible and it may last only a few days, but its still there.

Q: Do some products cause scarring?
A: i wouldnt really know the answer to this question. i wouldnt think products could actually "cause" scarring, other than they could make you break you break out... leading to potential scarring. other products may slow the process of healing the scars, but thats just a guess.

Q: What does scarring look like?
A: scarring comes in many shapes and forms. anything that is left over after a zit has gone away is considered scarring. one form of scarring is a discoloration of the skin. ull notice these usualy after whiteheads go away. there will be a redish/dark mark on the skin where the whitehead used to be. these dont usualy last long but once again, it depends on the person's skin. another form of scarring are small lumps that eventually just turn to skin color and never swell down. youll see these on people's noses alot, i dont know what causes them but it seems the nose is the most common place for these to appear. and another of the most common forms of scarring are "pits" in the skin, usually left over from cysts or postules. they just look like indents in the skin, almost like a small creater. at first the pit will have a deep red or dark color to it. after months of healing it will slowly change to skin color but the pit will remain for life (MOST of the time). they're also sometimes called "ice pick" scars, because thats what they pretty much look like, a small groove in the skin rather than a circular shape, but the cause of these are the same. cysts are the deepest and most serious of acne blemishes, and are known to wrack havoc on the skin even after they go away. NEVER, i repeat, NEVER pick at a cyst. youre playing with fire if you do, and you will lose.

Q: Can you get scars and still have acne at the same time?
A: sure can. if you have a red mark from a whitehead that went away 2 weeks ago, but now have broken out for whatever reason, you now have acne and acne scars at the same time. youll see that the people who have the more serious forms of acne will have a good combination of both scars and current zits/inflamations. they will most likely also have many different forms of scarring, due to the many different forms of acne they get.

Q: Do all cysts cause scarring?
A: this is one of those things where you could pretty much rely on it being correct ALL of ths time, but it cant be written in stone because someone will have an expirience that will prove it wrong. in my opinion, cysts cause some form of scarring 99% of the time.

how do i know all of this you ask? well, im one of those people with the severe, sometimes cystic acne, and although i am now recovering (after 2 years since my accutane break out... took 2 days for the breakout to surface, i quit it 3 days later), i still have some scars left over from a long time ago, and i still break out from time to time, but for the most part i am clear. now for the moral of the story (haha). acne affects all of us. and scars and acne go hand in hand. if you find one, youll find the other. the severity of the scarring soley depends on the person's skin, no matter what type/form of acne it is. how long it will take for the scars to go away also relys on the body. some people are more prone to scarring than others. the one thing that has been known to heal scarring is TIME. if one thing acne does is make us patient, pretty much because we have no other choice. some people swear by certain products that supposedly "speed up" scar healing (like aloe vera cream, herbal tea, yoga, ect.), but ive never tried any of them. ill stick to my tazorac gel and benzaclin and see what happens down the road. sorry for the long reply, i got carried away i know, but now you know the facts about scarring. any more questions feel free to ask. good luck to you and everyone on this board! - Mike

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[This message has been edited by CoolDude86 (edited 09-07-2002).]

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