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I was thinking about when my acne first started to surface (at the age of 26), and it was right about the same time that I moved into an apartment that was in the middle of farmland (don't laugh).

Of course, the house is supplied with well water, and the water is very 'hard'. It leaves scum on glasses even after they are washed, and it's hard to lather up soap.

Then I heard that hard water can mix with soaps and cause the soaps to stay on skin, and clog pores to cause acne! Hard water also causes dry skin, and my skin has been VERY dry all over my body since I moved to the new place a few years ago.

What can I do to combat this? Besides a $5000 treatment system (which I won't do at my temporary place), what options do I have? My wife and I are building a house right down the street from where we live now, so I will continue to be using well water (tho we will have some type of treatment system, the water is still hard water).

Should I use a special soap? Or no soap at all? I am trying to now just use a little Baking Soda and water in the morning to wash my face gently, and only water the rest of the day. Is this a bad idea?

Here is something I read online about hard water:

"That same curd causes your hair to become dull and hard to manage. Soap curd clogs skin pores and prevents your natural oils from moisturizing your skin. This dryness causes itching and also aggravates skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Soap curd is especially noticeable by the scummy film it forms on dishes and glassware."

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