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I have been a faithful Sager for 2 months and LOVE IT! Here's what I use:

Facial Shampoo
Corrective Grains
20% Smoothing Cream (AHA, BHA)
2% Mother Strickland's Skin Relief (BHA)
5% and 10% Fix Zit for all over treating
SPF 25

I also have and love the MSSR Redefinition Mask and the 30% At Home Peels. I use the mask once a week and the peel every two weeks. I also have some other things...Old Lady Cream, orange and pink Gelloid, 20% gel, 4% MSSR, XX Fix Zit, etc, etc, etc. I use them occasionally but have weaned them out of my regular routine.

My favorite, could not live without products are the facial shampoo, 20% smoothing cream, SPF 25 and 10% Fix Zit.

A word of warning: Sage can be pretty aggressive if you want it to, but you should start off slowly. There is no way you should start off with the high strengths I use. Depending on which try me pack you get (if you do) you will probably start off with 12% smoothing cream and the lower levels of Fix/Miracle Zit. There is an adjustment period...mine lasted about two-three weeks. I was very red and dry and irrititated and was breaking out in places I never broke out before. But since then - over a month ago - I've only had about three zits and very small ones at that. The best part is how healthy my skin looks and feels - it's softer than I could ever imagine and has that glow finally. After the adjustment period, things should start to clear up and you can gradually move up in strength.

You also get a complicated routine for all these things and sometimes it's really confusing when and where to use everything - it's very specific. But don't let that deter you. You get used to it and after that, you can be out of the bathroom in a few minutes. Also, don't feel like you have to stick with your routine...I've changed mine a few times in order to find the "perfect" one for me, which I'll lay out below:

SPF 25
20% Smoothing Cream

Grains (sometimes)
2% MSSR all over (4% to spot treat)
20% Smoothing Cream all over (sometimes 20% gel instead)
5% Fix Zit all over, XX to spot treat

This is by no means the right routine for you. You will have to experiment for yourself to see what works best!

Please check out the "Oily, Sensitive Skin" thread for more info =)

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