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hey Rag, if you really want a scream ya should see all the stuff on my face at night!! ha-ha I have a few small spots of mayo, a few small spots of retin-a, a couple spots of aloe, a couples dots of AHA's... I am suprised my hubby doesn't scream!!! ha-ha... Boy what a site!! every time I come out of the bathroom at night my poor hubby doesn't know what to expect!! He is really a great guy, and gives me great support. One night I had about 7 different things on these bumps, my hubby asked what each thing was..(retin-a, AHA, mayo, egg yolk, egg white, etc.) after I told him he just laughed and said " You are soooo crazy,...I Love you..." what a guy! then we started laughing because he said my face made him hungry for an egg salad sandwich!!! oh my gosh.. we laughed so hard... !!! best to ya Rag!!! kjack

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