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I had big problems with acne when I was younger but when I entered my 20's and more or less stopped working out it became much much better. However, at the age of 25 I started lifting weights as an early 30 year chrisis and boom, my cystic acne came back. This has no other explanation than higher testosterone levels.

A 6 month session with Accutane fixed my problems, not counting my scars I got during adolescense.

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When i work out it dosent effect my skin at all(actually helps maybe its the Dermaclear) but I was wondering I wanted to start lifting some more heavier weights im a 15m and one of my friends say it can stunt your growth im only 5,9 would lifting heavier weights do this any help thanks.
You know what i've noticed?
I work out 5-6 days a week and haven't missed a day in two years.
I think my original acne was caused like you guys said fluctuating hormones from working out and lifting heavy weights. But, now I've found after a good period of time that if I stop working out I get acne... lol
I think what it is , at first when you start working out it causes an imbalance but after a while of constantly working out your hormones stabalize with the extra testosterone from working out. Kinda like you create a new level of stabalization and if you STOP working out you break out from a hormone imbalance. Not ALL testosterone is converted to the evil DHT . Saw Palmetto can also cause some people to break out cause it lowers testosterone along with blocking the DHT conversion .
good luck

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