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I have about 17 more days of accutane left at 40 mg a day. My experience has been extreme breakout all over my face with a couple of cysts but mainly whiteheads. Now that i am at the end i have just been getting some tiny ones that go away within a couple days but other than that i am free of active pimples. But i am left with horrible red marks and some indentions. My face always looks great in the mornings and then as the day goes by it gets red and the red marks stick out a lot more. I am quite upset because i remember 5 months ago thinking that at this time i will be flawless and thats what got me through the months of hell with accutane. I never was all that dry but now lately my lips are splitting and hands very dry. I think although i went through all the symptoms, they were not servere. I am very pale right now becuz i havent been in the sun in sooo long (i am scared 2 get burnt). Can anyone tell me about their experience with accutane and if its similar to what im going through? Or even if u havent personally taken accutane.. if u have any knowledge of if the redness will go away and maybe what i can do to help the red marks. Thank you for reading
i could rewrite everything u posted about ur experience with accutane word-by-word! i also went through the five months of not wanting to go out and be seen but thinking that at the end of that last fifth month it would be all over...but oh i was wrong. i also have those red marks and some indentions on my face (only my cheeks, thank goodness) but their still there reminding me of the breakouts. what im using is the aloe vera leaf that u seem to have trouble finding...but i get mine at my local walmart, u know the ones that sell the groceries and everything else u can think of! i find them in the produce dept. (maybe u can too)
it seems to be a slow progress, but what ever it takes also using ROC product with AHA and retinol. hopefully this can help u some, cuz u have already helped me knowing that im not the only one going through this ...
good luck and all the best

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