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I started seeing results in the first couple of weeks. My pimples were drying up and my previous red spots started to fade out. I didnt have much of an initial breakout, just a few new pimples. When your face is really badly broken out like mine was, a few new pimples don't make a difference. I'm in my 5th month at 60mg a day. I will probably do one more month to make sure my acne doesnt come back.

Side effects:
-Dermatitis on the back of my hands(went away after 2nd month)
-Rashes on upper arms and shoulders(went away after 2nd month)
-Dry skin
-Chapped lips from hell!
-Blurred vision(went away after a week)
-Frequent nose bleeds
-Joint pain in right shoulder
-Dry hair but no hair fallout
-Mood swings

The side effects aren't as bad as people say they are. But it's different for different people. Just stay away from alcohol, tanning, foods high in vit A, high fat foods, getting pregnant, drugs.

All I have to worry about now are the fantastic beautiful*sarcasm* pock mark scars my acne has left me.

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