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you're right about the estrogen. that's why pills like yasmin and diane 35 are so effective for acne. and no, it's not a coincidence that your skin looks better when you're having sex. it's the extra estrogen that your body is producing.

i have hormonal acne but i dont have the apple shaped body. i'm petite, with big boobs, small waist, and i do have hips and an a$$ but not excessive amounts of either. i guess hourglass is the best way to describe it. i dont think hormones have much to do with body shape.
K lets try this again.

Vitex and S.P. are both natural hormone balancers and S.P. is also antiandrogenetic. They both work well, but take longer to work than a stronger prescription drug. In the long run I believe the effects to be longer lasting, as they work with the body like all naturapathic remedies. Diane 35 works very effectively. I did not try accutane before it, as my acne was mild. I rarely ever get a zit now after 9 months on the pill, whereas before I always had at least 3 around my period, so yes my skin has definitely improved. I have had no real weight gain apart from the increase in bust size which was not dramatic (thank God! I have too much already IMO) Yasmin is also known to work very well, and contains a small dosage of spiro. It is also similar to a diuretic in that it reduces water retention, therefore many women do not gain weight on this pill (the increase in bust size while on the pill is due to water retention in the breast tissue). Yasmin has not been around for as long as diane35, so its side effects are not as well known. DIane35 however is not approved for use in the States. It is widely used in Europe and Canada. Spiro is usually prescribed in higher dosages than found in Yasmin, and also works well. I wouldn't take spiro alongside a BCP until you have given that BCP a chance to work itself, because women have found Diane35 and Yasmin very effective. Both are antiandrogenetic and that is why they are so effective for hormonal acne. Personally, if I were not on Diane, I would be taking Yasmin. I chose Diane because it was the BCP of choice among my friends, I need birth control and the added benefit that it helped with the complexion is why I chose this pill . All BCPs carry some risks, so the choice of whether to take an alternative medicine such as vitex or a drug is really up to you and your doctor. Hope this helps you a bit!

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