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Apricot scrubs can be harmful for acne prone skin because the ground up kernels are irregular in size and shape and can actually cause micro-tears in your skin, opening it up for invasion by bacteria etc.

But, a build up of dead skin cells can also cause acne to get worse, and so it's important to exfoliate at least a few times a week.

A really mild exfoliant I use (and have been for years) is plain old Baking Soda from the grocery store. Each tiny granuale is the same size and shape and since they are round, not rough and ground up seeds or kernels, they gently massage the pores and clean out the dead skin cells.

I started using Baking soda added to my regular face wash about seven years ago when I started to get acne. It works so well! I keep a shaker of it in my cabinet by the sink and just shake a bit into my hand when I am washing my face at night. I scrub lightly with my fingertips, especially focusing on my nose and forehead, and then I rinse it off like normal.

It's under a dollar for a box which lasts a long time! It's SUCH a great bargain and it works so well and is so gentle on the skin.

Try it! I'd love to hear how it works for you.
Hope this helps!

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