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I went to a salon today and the beautician recommended I have a glycolic peel at 35%, so I did. She told me that I need to have 6-12 more treatments over the coming weeks.

I'm 24 and the reason I am having the peels is for large pores and some acne scars (red marks, recently left behind after a break-out due to some alternative medicine).

I read somewhere that the effects of a glycolic peel are not permanent and only last a few months whilst microdemabrasion has lasting results.

Is this true?

Does anyone have experience with either/both of these procedures?

Which is preferable?

It is going to cost a bit of money to do 12 sessions, I don't want to pay heaps if the benefits are not long lasting.

Thank you
Thathi, you're right! Glycolic acid does cause breakouts! I would like to warn you all!
Many of you have red marks/scarring from acne that you want to get rid of and you try lots of stuff that is not good for your skin, including glycolic acid!
Glycolic acid is really dangerous (one of you wrote that you used a 50%???!!are you burning your skin???!!)

I have talked to many people getting damaged skin from this acid, including myself!!(look at the voy board)
I had flawless skin, when an estetician convinced me to buy a glycolic acid cream. She said I would get some initial breakouts and I DID....and it never stopped! So unlike many people here, I have never had acne-before I used this cream. I also took peelings because I didn't know what to do! I kept on getting new breakouts and got lots of red marks (I've never had before) and I also got some kind of a burnt. The skin got very red/almost raw, because it peels off your "protection" skin.

So I'm left with lots of red marks because of this dangerous acid! And by the way: Glycolic acid DOES NOT HELP FOR RED MARKS!! It will prob. help for hyperpigmentation/discoloration because it has a peeling effect. BUT red marks are tiny enlarged/dilated capillaries that you can't peel off-they get worse with using this acid! The only thing that helps with the marks is TIME or laser treatment (IPL/photoderm!)

Sorry, but I get annoyed that there are so many people thinking this acid is good, and so many not doing their research before doing anything to their skin!

my red marks are getting a little lighter from it. But I'm not sure if I'm burning my skin or if it's supposed to cause brown scabs to form on my cheeks. I've never had my skin peel when using it.

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