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Re: Acupuncture
Oct 9, 2002
Thanks for this info margirl.

Before you had the treatments done, how bad was your acne ???

I can't help but wonder if this would work for even severe cystic acne.

Thanks again !!!
Re: Acupuncture
Oct 10, 2002
My acne was pretty bad before treatment. The only thing that really helped was B5 - but it made my hair fall out. I realize this doesn't happen to everyone - I was probably just more suseptible to a vitamin imbalance.
I do think that acupuncture could help severe cystic acne. Chinese practitioners view every problem that exists in/on our bodies as an imbalance that needs to be corrected. Everything should be treated from the inside out. The reason why some oral medications, B5 and other nutrients work so well for some acne sufferers is because they work from the inside out. In my humble opinion, however, many of them simply cover up the symptoms, without really curing the disease. There's no "maintenance dose" with acupuncture, nor will I ever be likely to revert back to having acne, because the imbalance has been fixed. I hope this helps!
Best wishes,

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