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I didnt say that if you DONT have the breakout it wont work!!!?!?!?!?

I just said the final and/or LONG TERM results of being clear and/or HOW WELL you clear.

For instansce Im going through HELL right now... Accutane is letting me know that it's working. its getting everything out from under my skin so hopefully when IM ALL DONE... The LEFT OVER stuff, (there should be NONE because the breakout is giving me SO MUCH acne) will not come back and re - appear in 5 months/1 year/ 2 years etc...

I just heard someone say that on here.. ITS NOT SOMETHING I READ ON A WEB SITE or something

Dont even worry,, if your on accutane its a 80% chance it will work exectly the way you want it to..

Also, your 20, IM 16 im still in puberty.. I have alot mroe in my body going on right now . That could be alos why My breakout is BIG...

You here about people on this board saying it came back and now they dont know what to do again.... THATS BECAUSE "ONLY" THE PEOPLE who accutane DIDNT WORK ON COME ONLINE... Ther are millions of people who it cleared perfectly....why would thos people waste thier time online?? they have a clear face now.. THERE GETTING ON WITH THIER LIFE AGAIN..

And to me.. it sounds like your acne isnt even bad at all.. you said you had 1 whitehead pop-up.. BE GLAD. PLEASE!!!! I have so many whiteheads I cant even count.... and they get BIG in 1 day if i dont pop.... they turn greenish and get scabby.. its sick..... This week has been the worst whitehead wise.. I mean I still have like 5-6-7 cysts that are beginning to leave but i feel 1-3 new one coming.. in terms of whiteheads.. I have about 6-12 that can get REALLY BIG.. SOMETIMES THIS BIG: ( ).. NO JOKE... and about 30-40 other diff. sizes ones ALL OVER... NOW SPREADING TO MY FORHEAD TOO.

Trust .... everythings cool....

Accutane is being SO EASY ON YOU.. Think of yourself as lucky....

*You tend to read 1 LINE me or someone says and AUTOMATICALLY freak out about it and worry and post a thread like this one...

Nobody on this site is knows EVERYTHING.... Just sit back .. at least you dont have to worry about:

8 cysts


35-40 Whiteheads

5-8 whiteheads that get BIG and Green!

And Maybe:

Red Red Red face that makes you look tired and your acne look worse.

Your face being SO delicate that I cant even slighty touch it.

Your face constantly itching....

Acne in your hair

ALL OVER YOUR BACK and when I wear my backpack it rub on my shoulders and hurts

If you even lay your head on your arm for 1 minute, wherever your arm was touching your head will be RED and irritated like you fell asleep in class for 1 hour

Getting depressed like me and having mood swings like crazy.. IM PROB. HAVING ONE RIGHT NOW BUT STILL. lol

i aint tryin to make anybody feel sorry for me AT ALL. Im just letting you know: Try to STOP worrying SO MUCH, and try to realize by how you describe it, YOU DONT HAVE IT THAT BAD.... (you always say in almost every journal entry,, clear, clear, clear, expect for 1 here, clear, clear, clear, 1 more, clear

lol.. see what I mean.. It sound to me like your face is at the stage where I wont even be untuil accutane is DONE...???

Try having your entries like this:

Still Have 30-40 All Over, Still Have 30-40 All Over, Still Have 30-40 All Over, Still Have 30-40 All Over, Still Have 30-40 All Over, Have about 20-30 all, Have about 20-30 all, Have about 20-30, Still Have 30-40 All Over,

you see???

I wish I could have the CHANCE to even have 1-5 at 1 time.... I have that times 8..

Bottom line:

I read your journal & see how good your face is doin, then next hour i hear you worrying or thinking accutane is not working???? Then look at myself and I am in hell right now..

Sorry if i sound crazy and I know I DID ANOTHER LON GPOST WHERE I COULDNT STOP typin....

Prob. another mood change with accutane.. It sets off a button everytime somethign gets me even 10% almost

Sorry if i sound mean... I just had to let it out..


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