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Well yes I got make-up .Now I am just trying to find something that will make my skin look superb again.Basically the problem is that my acne doesn't come up.Just the scars it left behind and it left a mess.Uneven spots everywhere.What's the best product out there that's not too expensive and I can find it at my local store? Please everyone share there stories and tell me how you use it and how does it work.Also what are the best vitamins & vitamin products to use for the scars??

This is what I have been using on my face and it makes my face look more even & smooth but sadly does nada for my scars:

I will wash my face with really cold water.
Then I soak up with Yardley Oatmeal & almond bar soap and wash it around my face softly and lather it up. Then I'll keep it on for a minute and wash my face off with cold water.Get all the soap off. Get a paper towel and wipe my face with it.I've found that using a paper towel rather than a wash cloth makes my face look more better go figure!Then after that... I let my face cool off and try.Then I'll put Suave Skin Therapy Lotion with Vitamin E and lanolin and softly rub it in my face until it dissolves.Then I'll usually take a Multivitamin with Zinc 50 mg and that'll be it.Oh yeah I also eat alot of fruits and plenty of water.

My face looks pretty good but still has scars.It seems like it makes my face look much cleaner and more even but the scars look like they pretty still are much the same.

Maybe if we all tell one another what we are doing to make ourselves look better maybe we'll have more people here with clear skin. Have any of the products you guys have been using are working to eliminate the scars!!?

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