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Hi mate, nice to be talking with someone who speaks *proper* english (dont go calling any of the americanos on here mate, they could get the wrong idea, heh)

ok, to answer your questions....

After youve applied the ccream and left it on for 2 huors you remove the excess with the wooden spatula they provide. By removing the excess i mean just sweep off what comes off easily, dont go scraping at your face. Once you've removed the excess it will look like you still need to get more off but dont worry about that, thats how its supposed to be. You musnt wash your face with water until at least 8 hours later. So best to do it at night and then go to bed. During the day you can wash your face with water as often as you like. Then, in the evening you repeat the process, 24 hours later since the first application. So if you apply for the first time at 8 in the evening, do it again next evening at 8.

You're doing the 4000 peel, so you do this for 4 nights, then on night 5 and 6 you apply the normaliser cream.

If you feel a burning sensation when you apply the peel, dont worry, this is normal and shouldnt last longer than 20-30 minutes and its no big deal, its not like youre in terrible pain or anything.

One thing i wanted to ask you mate. You're 16 years old, right? What is your acne like? Is it very severe? What i mean is that it is pretty common and normal to have acne at your age. Why are you so determined to do this peel? What im saying is that if your acne is due to your hormones and everything cos of your age it may come back. In any case, the peel will definately help you loads and youll be happy with the results.

Ask me more if you need to. Im the SC expert on this board.

Cheers mate and good luck!

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