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First of all, I NEVER take anything relating to my health or skin at face value. I listen to people's rants or raves on the product and if I feel it's something that might help me, I research it. I look up articles, look up it's description & ingredients and I talk to those selling the product (could be biased). I suggest that all of you do the same.

So I will start by saying that of course just because a product helps with acne, doesnt mean it will work for everyone, but WHAT product or supplement has? People immediately jump into taking things and are disappointed when it doesn't work for them and automatically believe it's a useless product. Well, for them it is, BUT for people experiencing CERTAIN problems, that product could make all the difference. The KEY is using products that are specifically designed to help YOUR particular problem!

Yes, we all have some form of acne on this board but I guarentee you that we all have dozens of reasons why. For me it is a ongoing hormonal disorder vs. "temporary" hormonal fluctuations experienced by teenagers and some adults. Therefore, yes I was tested and I was diagnosed PCOS or IR (both have same treatment). I've always known I had a problem and because of my father once being in the military I've been EXTREMELY fortunate to be able to see a doctor whenever I needed to. I'm even more thankful because a year from now, I won't be eligible to claim myself as a dependent so no more free healthcare. Yet, since I now know what is wrong, I can continue to solve it on my own. I DEFINATELY reccomend that if you can afford it to PLEASE get your hormones tested!!!

There is so much controversy over supplements and herbs and like I said before, do your own research and choose products designed to help your own problem! I've posted a more extensive list at the bottom, but this is what I know about the herbs that I'm taking and how they may help with my hormones & acne.

So, while I am far from an expert, I own several books on natural treatment methods, vitamins, and, herbs, plus a book on PCOS and they all say the same thing. I've also researched this on the web and the information is consistant! I also continue to read up on any new information that could be postive or negative relating to the herbs that I do take. I take only 5 types of herbs at maximum at varying times:

Gingko Biloba (highly effective for menstrual cramps, increases circulation) taken only several days a month.

Saw Palmetto [alt. to spirinolactone] (anti-inflammatory, a mild anti-androgen, mildly estrogenic, and a DHT blocker) Therefore it could help decrease unwanted hair growth, acne breakouts, prostate problems, etc. This herb is useful in reproductive disorders, diabetes, hormonal regulation, etc. Used to take 3x a day, but planning on upping to 6x a day and then I may decrease (just like those who take high amounts of B5 and drop to a maintainence dose). I've NEVER broken out while taking it off and on for (several months at a time) the past 2 years, and never had any problems with it.

I also take the herbs listed below as they are useful for females. When I take them, I take each 3x a day (most herbs are taken that often). So it may also be a combination of the 4, BUT saw palmetto is SPECIFICALLY defined to help those with excess testosterone/androgen levels. These are:

Wild Yam (estrogenic, blood purifier, helps with female problems, helps stomach problems)

Fennel (anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, estrogenic, source of Vit. A, aids digestion)

Fenugreek (good for diabetics/lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, anti-inflammatory, good for stomach irritation--could interfere with effectiveness of other drugs).

Yes, herbs have a WIDE variety of uses and sometimes they are better at some things than others. If you find that you are allergic (Don Quai helped my cramps but gave me a rash) or it doesn't work for you, move on to the next one. Herbs that will help acne are those that are tonics, purifiers, anti-inflammatories, antibiotic, anti-microbial, estrogenic, hormone regulators, and possibly others. Just in that list alone you already have plenty to choose from but these are designated to help acne (mostly indirectly by helping other problems u have):

Guggulipid (guggul)
Grape Seed Extract
(Lactobacillus Acidophilus)
Aloe extract
Dandelion Root
(zinc, vit. A, C, E, & B5, B6, selenium, niacin, folic acid)
(Chromium GTF polynicotinate & CLA--Alt. to Avandia, Metaformin, etc)
(GLA, DHA, Alpha Linoleic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid)
Tea tree oil (external)
Neem Oil (external)
Lavender oil (external)
Vitex/Chasteberry (could produce opp. results for some)
Goldenseal & Oregon Graperoot
Chamomile (internal or external as a toner)
Rose (as a face spritz)
Cabbage (yes this may come in capsules)
(Brewer's Yeast)
Saw Palmetto
Stinging Nettle (may be more powerful than Saw Palmetto, lowers blood sugar)

The list goes on, but remember that a change in DIET can also play a POSITIVE role. I've used some of the above and noticed variable to no success on them (they weren't designated for my problem). Also herbs are usually taken at a minimum of 2-3x a day and some vitamins are taken at 2-4x the normal dosage.

Of course some of these may have side effects which is why you should read about them, but in terms of breaking you out, it depends. If you are allergic to an herb you will know immediately! Otherwise it may take a few days, but if you aren't breaking out more than usual, I wouldn't stop taking it. Some supplements are detoxifiers and may cause you to temporarily breakout so you may want to slowly increase your dosage of those kinds of herbs & vitamins (to hopefully prevent that). Most supplements take several months (taken every day) to work on problems that you've had for a long period of time (just like prescriptions). Some can work immediately, just like asprin. It just depends on the supplement, it's potency, and the problem.

Remember the following should be noted when purchasing any supplement:

Fillers--Try and get supplements that are as free from FILLERS as possible. (Natural fillers such as Vitamin E oil, etc may be OK, but some ingredients in vitamins are used in skincare and are considered acne causers or you may be allergic to an ingredient, so just read labels carefully).

Delivery--Gel caps, capsules, powders, or liquid form ONLY for best absorbtion (tablets and caplets don't completely dissolve and can remain in the stomach as seen in some x-rays)

Potency--Make sure you are taking at least the minimum DOSAGE reccommended for that particular problem (increase or decrease as neccessary if that's "safe").

Frequency--How many times per day (1x, 2x, etc)?

Diagnosis--Are you taking a product SPECIFICALLY for your problem (if it's IR, PCOS, androgen caused, hormonal acne it might help, but if your acne is caused by something else that particular product may not work)???

Equilibrium--Make sure that you also BALANCE out the other vitamins neccessary when adding more of a certain vitamin (to help eliminate side effects or deficiencies).

Gender--while some products help men they can also help women and vice versa, but some could have gender related side effects (extra hair growth, breast enlargement). Just a thought.

Once again, I absoultely reccommend that if you have insurance or you can afford to PLEASE get your hormones tested!!! If you've had acne for several years or it "runs" in the family, it's IMPORTANT for you to know if there is truly a hormonal disorder behind this (so you can work on finding appropriate treatments). Acne can be a superficial symptom of a much larger problem and the sooner you find out what it is, the healthier and safer you may be.

Other suggestions???

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