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Hmmm, I'm surprised no one has offered any answers to your question because cysts have to be one of the most annoying, mystifying, frustrating and confounding aspects of acne. I'd be willing to bet, that most of the people on this board run the range of one or 2 cysts to innumerable cysts at a time with an assortment of other acne conditions. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have only whiteheads and blackheads can't appreciate REAL acne, as far as I'm concerned.

So, to answer any of your questions, my experience with cysts is sheer misery. I hate them and what they do to my skin. They may "heal" but the hard knot that will be left under the surface of my skin will remain until they are professionally, surgically removed. UNLESS, I get lucky enough to find a dermatologist that will assist me in treating the cyst in its earliest, inflamed stage.

Honestly, I've never had a dermatologist that gave me the option of injecting a cyst with cortisone. No derm has ever indicated a policy about treating the errant cyst. I have had nothing but the worst luck with dermatologists.

But rumor has it that cysts in the inflamed stage can be injected with cortisone to reduce the swelling. Bigger, infected cysts may have to be lanced, like any other kind of boil. I've read that cysts can actually be injected with a syringe and the contents/fluid can be drained. There may even be a probe that can be inserted into a cyst and a burst of electricity or some shock can be administered to loosen the contents in a cyst, but these may all be rumors. I don't know what the chances are that any of this works for every cyst, either, if they are real options.

Maybe that saline injection that works so well to reduce acne scarring may provide relief for a cyst, though I haven't read any of the posts about the saline injection having been indicated for treatment of cysts. It just seems that the saline might possibly have a positive effect on reducing the contents in a cyst (my theory).

I think the kindest thing you can do for yourself, if cysts do plague your complexion, is to visit every frickin' derm in your area and specifically ASK, what will you do for me if I get a cyst?

I've only got 3 official derms in my area so my choices are limited. But tomorrow, I'm calling one derm who has a physician's assistant on staff and I'm going to make an appointment with the assistant and have him treat a particular cyst that I have now. I don't care what he does to this thing, but I want it OUT! I don't care if he has to cut it out. And if he doesn't have a suggestion, I'm going to try the only other 2 derms and if they won't offer help, I'm going to head for Washington.

So, do you get my drift? Find a derm that will offer you immediate solutions. With cysts, having good dermatologic care is a necessity.

And as for squeezing--you will receive ZILCH relief for a cyst. These are horrible little residents of your skin that have to be blasted out...Pat

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