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What IS Neosporin
Apr 7, 2002
On a thread about someone's success with Neosporin helping with filling in a type of acne scar, some clarification of what Neosporin IS might shed some light on why it can help.

1) IT is an antibacterial with neomycin being the main ingredient, and a couple of other antibacterials;
2) IT is a healing ointment for small wounds, and acne lesions would be a kind of wound;
3) the healing properties of the ointment are provided by the aloe vera and the Vitamin E and the antibiotic that is killing any bacterial invasion of the wound;
4) Neosporin is a brand name and you pay 2.5X the cost for a brand name. Other companies manufacture similar "triple antibiotic ointments" with pain relief but you need to compare the back panels for ingredients;
5) cysts are a vicious acne lesion that begins deep in the layers of the skin. You better believe, a cyst will cause tissue to die and the result will be a pit that NO triple antibiotic can help to fill. The skin's ability to regenerate the collagen has been damaged by the necrosis and only deep skin treatments like C02 lasers and dermabrasions can start to generate collagen growth. And not even the best deep treatments can return a complexion to its original baby-butt smootheness;
6) because triple antibiotic ointments ARE a petroleum base, lots of experts in the acne field might discourage the use of these products to heal acne lesions. BUT, if it works for you and you're not experiencing additional breakouts, then WHY not use it?
I use it for any broken spot on my skin, including those places left by an exposed lesion. It seems to minimize further scarring. I'm not a big believer in dermatologists, either. Regards, Pat Brown

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