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I know I posted this a while back but no one replied. Does the Tazorac Creme come in 1%. And does the Minocycline come in 150mg or 200mg? If anyone is taking the 150mg or 200mg of Minocycline, does it ever bother their stomach?
tazorac is supposed to be pretty strong...i started out with a prescription of .05%. im pretty sure it doesnt come in 1%.

minocycline never caused me stomach problems, but i had an allergic reaction to it. (allergic reactions to minocycline usually come in the form of hives around the 2nd or 3rd week of taking it.) dunno how much i was taking though.
Tazorac does come in a 0.1% gel.
I was originally taking the Tazorac 1% gel. That made my skin extremly dry. So I was switched to the cream at .05%. My skin is only dry once in a while now. But I was wondering if the cream came in 1% because the .05% is helping but I want something stronger but not as strong as the 1% gel. I dont know if that makes much sense, lol. But the lotion is suppose to be less irritating.

I am on 100mg of Minocycline. For the first few months I would itch really badly. I wouldnt get hives or really red, I just itched. It finally went away, eventually. But once in a while my stomach would bother me. My derma. told me to take it right before I go to bed. And the Minocycline is also helping but I want to take a stronger dose but not have to worry about waking up the middle of the night because my stomach hurts.

Well, any comments would be appreciated. Thanks for replying this time, lol! :-)
They have the cream in all the same strengths as the gels and it is alot less irritating....

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