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Ive been on birth control (ortho cyclen) for about 3 months now and from what my obgyn told me, it takes 6 months to see good results. I took the pills for a month without using any other meds for my acne and didnt see it get any worse or better. Im on Retin-A now and my mild acne is slowing going it may be a combination of the birth control and topicals. My advice is to be patient and wait a couple of more months. what i can tell you is that i noticed that the pills definitely lessened how oily my skin gets during the day. Ive heard that yasmin is a good pill to be on for treating acne and I may want to go on it if ortho cyclen doesnt work out for me. What are the hormones involved? I did some research on the pills that are good for treating acne and what i found is that look for pills with high levels of estrogen and low levels of progestin. a lot of pills fit the bill. so there are options out there if yasmin doesnt work out for you. i hope this helps!
I was on Ortho tricyclen (estrogen only pill) for 5 years and Retin-A 0.1% and I was totally clear.

Then last year my acne starting coming back even when I was on the Ortho and the Retin-A, so I switched to Diane 35 (estrogon and cyperotone acetate 2mg - an anti androgen). It seemed to work for about 3 months and then my acne came back again.

Now, I am off the pill just so a new dermatologist can evaluate me properly.

I have heard that Yasmin is an estrogen pill mixed with a derivitive of spironolactone. Spironolactone is a blood pressure med that has strong anti-androgenic effects. So, I guess it is the US's version of Diane 35.

I have also heard Alesse and Desogen are anti- acne.

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