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Originally posted by RioAngelin:
to q-tip: Thanks for responding. can you elaborate on how it improved ur skin over the 15 months? did it smooth out discoloration?

In the beginning, i had a lot of breakouts.

I had maybe in total of 5-6 major flareups, although it was progressively less each time.

THen afterwards (from about 12 weeks) i started to see my acne being much less severe, although i had a lot of marks left from previous breakouts.
At this point my pores looked BIGGER than it used to.

This progressed until about 1 year mark with a slow fading of the red mark, and much shrinking of pores. (and very little breakout - compared to what i had before)

Until this time i had been using cetaphil or spectrojel, but one day i used a neutrogena bar soap. After rinsing, and you get the 'squeaky' clean feeling, i noticed that my skin was rolling off into rubbery balls when i rubbed it.

Apparently the gentle gel cleansers were not enough to exfoliate all the rapidly forming old cells that retin-a was making.

So after 'rubbing' my face for few weeks about twice a week, i noticed a DRAMATIC improvement in the way my skin was. Almost all my marks dissapeared almost instantly and the flaky skin dissapeared.

Im happy now

So its important along with your retin-a to exfoliate. It might be too soon to do it right now, as its evident that your skin is still sensitive, but once it goes away, start using AHA lotion in the morning and a gentle exfoliating scrub every once in a while.

ANd its SUPER important to wear a HIGH spf sunscreen and stay out of the sun as much as you can

Not only will it make you burn, but your sensitivity to retin-a will increase AND you will break out horribly.

Trust me... i did this last year.

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