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Another 19 year old
Oct 26, 2002
I have had acne ever since i was a freshman in high school. First it was just in the lower region of my face. I use to always pop them and luckily i didn't get scars. My face changed like the seasons. Between fall and spring i had my worst cases. However, during the summer my face clear up the most. At some points it cleared up completely. But unfortunately when i had my hopes up that my acne finally would clear for good i was wrong. I was perscribed benzenol peroxide first which helped but them my acne came back. Then i was perscribed differin but i stopped taking it after a month when i noticed nothing worked. Then inclined me to try more natural products. I tried tea oil extract, face masks, you name it. They helped some what but my acne never went away for good. During my junior year, my acne cleared up in the lower region of my face but i ended up getting new acne on the upper region of my face. It was different, smaller with very little white heads but a lot of small condensed secretions. If i massaged my forehead, small little pieces of dehydrated sebum would exfoliate. I was then perscribed tetracyclin. My friend was perscribed to it and it seemed to work so i asked my doctor about it. After a month of using tetralcyclin i noticed i had much less zitz. And my pimple hurt less and their life cycles were shorter. It was the first treatment i felt confident about and it seemed to work. Now im a sophmore in college. It's been awhile since then and my acne has started to improve. The pimples that i had on my forehead disappeared and i have much acne overall. I haven't had skin this clear since the first time i had acne. It seems to be winding down (hopefully).

My concern now is the scaring. I have scars on my forehead and temples. They're pitted and they're still redish as if they're still healing. I have this one scar that i remember was from two huge zits that i popped exactly a year ago. I completely regreted ever popping them a week after i did it. Because there was a mark there which is still there today. I tried various solutions to prevent scaring and remove scars but nothing prevailed. I tried New Skin for a couple of months with no noticeble results. I also tried Elicina which didn't give me any noticable results. About the Elicina, after reading through several posts people were talking about good batches and bad batches. Well the one i got was in the same container that they show on their site and the same color they show on their site, white opaque looking cream. When i placed it on my scars i would rub it in gently. If i kept rubbing it in then it would lather up. Then throughout the summer i stopped taking any products since they said avoid direct sun exposure. My skin was at its prime then for a long time. Anyways, back to now in college. About 3 weeks ago i order a new product that seemed to also garuntee to remove scars. from DaK Pharmacuticals. I saw a list of scar removing solutions and this one had the highest ratings. I also ordered their supplementary vitamins they recomended. The important ingredient seems to be vitamin C. Anyways, after applying it several times a day for the past couple of weeks i did see some improvement. But nothing to excite me as if i found the holy grail of scar removal. My scars seemed to be smoother and more defined.

The one scar that i just want to get rid of is this scar that is smack in the middle of my forehead as if i had a hindu thrid eye. It seems to be improved but its not perfect. It still is a bit red but i think red is good. Since red means the body is doing something (right?). Does anyone who has had scars before know if this type of pitted scar will fade away or should i do something else about it?

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