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Here's my sad history:

1. I was born 2 months premature.
2. I was not breastfed
3. I eat fruit vegetables and meat--Omnivore
4. I used to get sick every year until I turned 17, ever since not a single cold.
5. I started "developing" at 8 and started my menstrual cycle at age 10.
6. My first breakout was when I was 6 on my face and 11 on my body, so I've had acne for almost 16 years now

7. I have regular acne and cystic acne. It has gotten worse over the years. My ENTIRE face , arms, chest, back, and scalp can breakout with cystic/regular acne. Occassionally I'll breakout on my neck, eyebrows, or ears with pimples. Also I used to get cystic ones occasionally in my female V area a few years back.

8. Well my face is Oily w/medium pores in & around the nose area. My upper body is normal/oily and my lower body is dry. Sometimes I'll get some sort of small patch of dry skin in alternating areas of my lower body if I use something too harsh/drying.

9. The only thing I get is slightly bad headaches when it's really windy outside (sinuses maybe).
10. I've been wearing glasses since I was 10 (should have when I was 8). I'm myopic (near-sighted) and slightly astigmatic.
When I was younger I had a few ear infections so my parents had my PE tubes removed and I can hear really well now.

11. I had to wear braces a few years back and after I had them removed (age 15), I had cavaties. I do EVERYTHING (floss, brush, tongue scrape, use mouthwash) and since then I've accquire 6 cavities. I heard that there's a bacteria that causes cavities so even if you have mouthful of plaque you can't get cavities unless you've inherited this bacteria (lucky me, parents have cavities too). I also usually get one cold sore inside my mouth before or after my period.

12. It's hard for me to keep wieght on, so I'm underwieght. Supposedly I have a fast metabolism, but I'm not boney nor am I lean. I also have trouble building & keeping lean muscle.
13. No known defiencies at this time
14 I'm not at my normal weight and I stopped "developing" when I was 13, and compared to my other family members I should be larger, so I wonder if that's a symptom.
15.Tetracycline, Erythromycin and Minocycline internally. Erythromycin and Clindamycin externally.

16 After going off of Minocycline (used it for 3 months) 2 years ago my new flawless Skin & Body broke out WORSE than ever before, I think the spreading of my acne may have been due to this. I also recieved a mild yeast infection which I think I may still have traces of 2 years later.

17. When I was 8 they diagnosed me with mild asthma (steriod inhalers), but I haven't taken anything for it in years.
When I was 17 I had a small fibroid removed from one of my breasts (runs in the family).
I've always been able to grow long hair and nails, but they will break or fall out for some reason.
I also have mild mild hirsuitism and Terrible Crippling Painful Menstrual cramps (Avandia & Ginkgo fixed it by 95-100%)
18. Stress (that's me at 75% or more of the time, and soda (why I avoid it 99% of the time) can aggrevate my acne.

19. My endocrinologist (and other doctors) say that I produce excess androgens and am sensitive to my Free Testestorone. Because my dad's side of the family is diabetic or borderline and my all but one woman on mom's side of the family had cystic ovaries, I've been diagnosed as having Insulin Resistance or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (both use same treatments).
4.vegie and meat not much
6.bout 12
7.13, now 16 and its still going strong
8.acne,cystic acne,face arms chest,shoulders back heads lots and i mean lots
dont know what aggervates it and iv never been to the docs but 1 thing i know is that u can get it from family my dad had it and so did his my dad had it for 17 years which i truly hope and pray that i do not
well maybe some of this will help aiight

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