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Hey i can feel your pain literally, ive had cystic acne when i fell into a major depression, i got out of it and my acne went away on minocycline but i have it coming back my first horrid one is like half an inch deep and more than an inch in diameter.

I am now lookin into the cause instead of the cover of my symptoms, the acne. Because acne in any form but especially as bad as ours is not normal in the sense that our body is telling us something. Like other things we put up with symptoms til they are too much of a nuisance or inconvenience, or some like ours is way beyond that.

So here we are in pain and searching for the answer i dont have it but ive found possibilities and we all post here for help and to give help and im here saying i understand and i have a big face ache im sure will get worse before i figure this all out but heres a lil info ive grabbed so far: try lookin into hormone imbalance, toxic body, food allergies, nutritional deficiency, and along the way facials are pretty good. or do like i did and go to a may take awhile like my last time took almost 7 months and afterward i had a couple scars and red marks but they faded to almost nil with my didligence to rid my face ofem.

im a little frustrated now like we all are and sufferin again. i felt like a lepar last time adn it felt like it would never stop but it did, i had clear skin, i will again and so will you!

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