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Most major department stores carry Origins. Also, they have some free-standing Origins stores in major malls. For the person from Massachusetts who asked, Filene's carries it, but the South Shore Plaza in Braintree also has an Origins store on the second level. (Right around the corner from Godiva Chocolates, of all places!) Origins also has a web site.

Quite frankly, I don't think it's all that pricey, considering how long the stuff lasts. Yes, it's a small bottle (1.7 oz), but you only use 2-4 drops a day. My first bottle lasted about 5 months. When I was taking antibiotics, it was costing me a $10.00 co-pay monthly, which ends up being twice as much as the Origins product costs.

They have another product for younger people that is supposed to prevent damage from happening, in fact, I think it may be "A Perfect World" (this one is for older people who have already had some damage to the skin)...again, the type of damage they were targeting was overexposure to sun, air pollution, etc. The product wasn't meant for acne, just happens to have the "side effect" of clearing it up!

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