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Ive just gotten my first shipment of Murad. A friend told me it helped clear up her breakouts so I decided to buy it (its really expensive! I spent $60 for a 2 month supply, before shipping and tax). Does anyone here have anything to share about Murad? Anything good or bad would be greatly appreciated Thanks!
I heard from my cousin that it worked really well too so i decided to buy it and it broke me out so bad. What a waste of money. but maybe it will work for you, good luck.
I used this for the course of two months and at the end I was far from impressed. In fact I have heard no one on either message board I am on say anything but negative things about it. The salicylic gel (step 2) will clog your pores and give you whiteheads (that was mine and some other peoples experience anyways). Also, I don't think that the moisturizer is good for acne prone skin. At the end of the two months my skin was no better, in fact it was a smidge worse. I would use it and see what happens, maybe you will have a better experience. I would definitely get my money back though if you see your skin not improving soon.

Hope you have better luck!
I used Murad for about a year. I think it is a good product. The moisturizer really helped normalize my skin instead of having an oil slick here and a dry patch there. First of all, the salycilic acid part is not a toner, it's a serum and it should be used very sparingly. You should cleanse 2x a day, apply the serum only at night for 2 weeks and then use it 2x a day after your skin gets adjusted. You should use the moisturizer 2x a day no matter what. If something burns your skin, you are either using it wrong or using it too often. I still use some of Murad's products and I probably always will. Even if my skin is not 100% clear, at least it's healthy and hydrated. I say try it. But, go slow. More is not always better.

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