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Found my instructions leaflet. This is a transcript.

Please read complete directions before starting treatment.

Please read the enclosed Sequence of Events leaflet before commencing the treatment.

Call customer service on ******* before commencing the treatment.

Directions for the use of Peelaway 4000:

Day 1: Clean face.
Apply contents of jar with applicator over entire face.
Upon application, a warm sensation occurs.
Leave cream on face for 2 hours.
Do not rub in.
Remove cream with applicator and wipe face with tissue.
Wait 8 hours before rinsing with warm water and cold water.
Face may become slightly red.

2nd Day:
Apply contents of jar using same procedure as 1st day.
The skin may become a deeper red and in some cases, a dark tan.
Face may become tight.

3rd Day:
Same directions as 2nd day. Face may become tight.

4th Day:
Same directions as 3rd day. Peeling may begin.
Do not pick or pull at old skin.

5th Day:
Apply normaliser cream for 2 hours.
Remove with tissue.

6th Day:
Apply normaliser cream for 2 hours.
Remove with tissue.
Peeling may continue after 6th day.


Your skin will feel tight and sensitive and will take on a healthy robust look. In some cases it will assume an uneven darker appearance with brown spots becoming more noticeable. If you have fair skin, you will look as if you have a sunburn. If the tightness becomes uncomfortable then applying the Normaliser cream may relieve this (note: when i called the help line they specified that if i used the normaliser cream before days 4 and 5 i should leave it on no longer than 2 hours).

Your skin will feel tight. You will notice a slight crinkling around the eye and moouth area. Slight flaking and peeling may occur. Do not pick or pull at old skin as it is peeling off.

Skin will continue peeling away from the eye and mouth areas and then the chin, cheek and forehead. Peeling may continue boyond the sicxth day. Do not pick or pull on the old skin. It should loosen and come off without pain.

having read through the instructions again i see that i had fogotten that you were allowed to remove excess with tissue but still nothing about the petroleum jelly, so i guess they musta changed things. Maybe they're making an even stronger peel now and thats why you need the jelly.

I wanna do another, i wanna do another, i wanna do another... i am soooo jealous, heh.

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