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I aggree with HELP. there is a difference between 'depression' and being 'upset' over acne. Yeah, i was feeling low when i had acne but never depressed. My acne didnt greatly affect me emotionally. However, I became mildy depressed immediately after completing my accutane treatment (even though i had flawless skin). Accutane does alter the chemicals in the brain. the same can be said for antidepressants - they too are linked to acne.

HELP why would u have to increase the intake of omega 3's while on accutane???? Since ive started my 2nd course of accutane, my derm told me to come off flaxseed oil for the time being.
Im sorry to hear that matty. i thought my 'problems' were bad until i read ur post. U could seek counselling or take antidepressants but thats easier said than done. i refuse to take antidpressants and i dont like the idea of telling a stranger my problems. im hoping to 'come out' of depression but i heard that not possible unless u seek medical advice. Well im not going to give up yet, im going to fight it and wait and see what happens *sigh*

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