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I went to see the doctor at the university today for my acne and he prescribed 2 things for them. Keep in mind that there is no way I can afford to see a dermatologist. I also have pigmented scars all over my back and also on my face.

The doctor prescribed Minocycline(100 mg), and told me to take 1 pill twice a day.

He also prescribed Clindamycin(1%). It's kind of like a cream that he told me to dab(put) all over the affected area twice a day.

He told me that these two things will help with not only with the acne, but also once the acne is gone, the scars will also go away. He told me to take these for 1 month and then go see him.

Have any of you ever tried Minocycline & Clindamycin? If so, what're your experiences with it?
I have used Minocycline for awhile now and love it. It doesn't dry up my skin and keeps the breakouts to a minimum.
i was also perscribed clindamycin to use topically. what i have is not a cream. it is a pad that you wipe over your clean skin. i really like it, it has made a huge improvement.
i am just wondering how it works for you?
I have been taking minocycline for about 5 years now and it is ok. It keeps my face under control some of the time, but at other times, my face just looks awful. I also have been on the cleocin-T solution(topical) and it helps at times also. Nothing for me to brag about. I was on eurethromycin at one time when the minocycline wasn't doing much good, but I had to get off it because it had me to itching all over. It was really a good antibiotic for me, though. I also use Retin-A at night and this helps with freckles and wrinkles, but with acne it is fair.
5 years? Is that safe?
It probably isn't safe, but the thing about it is: I don't take it everyday like I should. I use to take it faithfully everyday but it does just as good as when I skip a few days. I have to allow my body rest from this stuff. My doctor, of course, doesn't know that I do this. I'm trying to stay off of it for good. That's hard to do when my face starts to hurt from bumps. I take 100mg once a day. (sometimes).
I have tried both of these. I used Minocin for a couple of years and it did clear me up but lost it's effectiveness. I used the Clindamycin in the liquid bottle form and it was very effective when used every day. HTH!
Thanks a lot for the replies.

The Clindamycin I'm taking is also in the liquid form. I just started taking these two things on 2 days ago.

How long was it before any of you noticed a difference?

Also, since I put the Clindamycin on my face in the morning and night, in the morning, once I put it on and it dries, can I put make over it? So far I haven't.
I am having problems with clindamycin. It is making my skin appear very oily, which is strange because I generally have very dry skin. It also makes my skin burn, itch, tingle, and at times even makes the acne worse. Anyone else had these effects with this medication? I am using the topical lotion, by the way. I don't know whether I should keep using it or not

it sounds like clindamycin is aggravating your skin. perhaps you should stop using the medication and call your dermatologist.
tell the doctor what your skin's reaction has been and let him know you'd like to try another type of topical treatment.

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