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If you want it to cover well, I would say get the pressed powder kind. I got the loose, and used a brush to put it on, but then I go back with a cottonball and wipe that on my face and press it into my skin, the way you would with a compact press. That way, it's always clean, with no bacteria to get into your skin. I stretch the cottonball out to where it's flat, press it into the loose powder, and it does look pretty good. It does cover redness, but if you have pits and other scars, it doesn't cover those, really, but it does smooth your skin out.

I had purchased Bare Minerals a while back, and like it except for the fact that it is shinier than Jane Iredale, but I do like it, and follow up Jane Iredale with a light coat of BM, and then their powder, that shrinks the pores and makes them invisible!

With the combination of the two, my skin isn't breaking out as much, not near as much.

Yes, it IS expensive but I guess you have to ask yourself is it worth it to have your acne under control. Only you can answer that, I guess.

But it is good, it does cover well, but it does tend to get cakey on me after about 3 hours. But my skin is a bit oily. Not too much, but it is a tiny oily. I just noticed this yesterday. I put it on at about 1:45 or so, and by about 5:00 I had gotten cakey.

But....that would happen with liquid foundation, too.

Hope that helps.

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