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Im going through the same torment as you about what to do with this birth control thing.

I wanted to start diane.....and i bought it.....then i read that everyone is breaking out as sooon as they stop it and i also dont want to be on this stuff forever, its rather costly and annoying to have to commit to taking a pill every day at the same time and getting new prescriptions and going back and forth to the chemist. And i dont want it for birth control just for my skin.

but if its meant to clear me up and its meant to be GOOD then ill do it-but if theres a chance of horrible breakouts when i want to stop, thats just a black cloud looming over my head until i do stop!. but getting the answer to this is a bit difficult!

im doing the b5 thing and i think its starting to work, so im thinking maybe i should stay 'au natural' and not do the diane and not take the risk of the breakouts after?

Ive been on Diane before, and i stopped, then around 2-3 months later my skin was never as bad as it was then-it was horrific. Now that im reading all this stuff, im thinking 'wow, it was probably cause i stopped diane' i never realised and I have always been told by Drs and others that it wont make it worse once you stop, but it will just go back to normal. So i never thought that the VERY BAD breakout was due to stopping diane. I think my breakout after diane was worse than ive ever experienced.

So if Diane was the reason i broke out, sheesh, i dont think its going to be worth going back on it when i could possibly fix the problem with B5???

Argh its sooo stresssfullllll i dunno who to believe or what to do etc

Somebody hellppp us please

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